Spotify are testing Offline Mix feature

It’s been in progress for some time. However, Spotify are finally in the process of testing a playlist that will download your recent favourites. It will hold a few hours of music, and could be perfect for those on the go.

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Spotify have been working on an offline mix option for some time. Now it seems they’re finally testing it. The idea is, the platform will automatically download your top tracks, so you can stream them offline. This will be great for anyone travelling that might have forgotten to hit download before jet setting.

The music streaming company started working on this feature a few years ago. It seemed to suddenly go quiet with no real mention of the update. However, now it’s been mentioned by the company CEO Daniel Ek. There isn’t much information yet. He hasn’t released when they plan to launch the feature either.

Ek posted a screenshot which shows playlists that are able to hold hours of music. Allowing users to listen any time, anywhere, without having to prepare ahead of time. Currently, Spotify requires users to download music when connected to the internet. From there they’ll be able to listen offline.

Multiple users have already said they’ve spotted this feature within their app. However, it hasn’t been made clear what territories the Offline Mix is being tested in. Also, it hasn’t yet been mentioned whether this will be a free or paid feature. This update has been in the works since 2020, but it seems now they’re taking it more seriously.

With Spotify adding a feature which allows users to access their favourite songs without having to use the download option ahead of time, it could bring more users their way. It will be interesting to see how long it is before this rolls out. Also, which countries they’ll start with as some have already started to see the test feature.

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