SoundCloud are trialling a TikTok style discovery feed

Many streaming platforms and services are following the same idea, which is to copy TikTok’s format. It has worked for the video platform, they’ve seen growth after growth. Now, it seems music streaming platforms are trying to jump on board. SoundCloud being no different.

SoundCloud new feed idea, shown on two iphone screens.
Credit: SoundCloud

Multiple streaming stores have taken TikTok’s feed on board and have started adapting their own platforms to include this style of feed. The idea behind it is to introduce new artists and tracks to users. Therefore, they’re all relying on the vertical style feed, to constantly cycle round new suggestions. SoundCloud aren’t missing out on this one.

They, too, have joined the many stores adopting this idea. SoundCloud are testing a new vertical feed. It will be available on both iOS and Android, however only with a select few users to start with. This is so it can be tested, and any bugs or issues can be reported before it takes over every account. It’s much harder to backtrack an idea that doesn’t work once you’ve already distributed it.

The SoundCloud Discover and Following pages will change. These appear under the feed tab. Previously, the tab only showed new music from artists you tracked, or reposts from friends. However, now, the Discover page will display songs based upon your likes and preferences. Just like TikTok does, it will essentially create a For You Page. Spotify are also a platform that have made these changes.

While Spotify did already suggest content based upon your listening habits, they are changing the way you view this. Is it going to be the case that all streaming platforms look similar? What will make them stand out from each other? It’s said that SoundCloud will identify where the suggestion came from. For example, under the suggestion it might say “because you follow A” and therefore, you’ll be able to choose to listen based upon who the artist has been compared to.

If a song matches your interest, you’ll be able to like it. This will add the song to your liked tracks – taking inspiration from a feature Spotify have now removed. You’ll have to click on the play button to hear the full track. This will then present information about the track within a new page. You’ll be able to comment on tracks or add them to your playlists easily. With this feature it will allow users to find new artists and learn about their tracks and inspiration, which might give them even more reason to follow.

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