Spotify mimic TikTok with new vertical discovery feed

Spotify are set to replace their current feed consisting of carousels or music and podcast suggestions, with a TikTok style vertical feed. This feed will still contain recommendations, however it will look completely different to what we know.

Spotify held their Stream On event in LA. Before this, the event hasn’t been held since 2021. During this event, they discuss new updates and changes being made to the platform. Before the event was held, it was leaked that a main topic to be discussed was the changes being made to the homepage. Changing the carousels of playlist and song suggestions, for a TikTok style vertical feed.

The test itself was first noticed in November 2021. It was then shared with more users in April 2022. The update appeared to look just like TikTok’s For You feed, however this version had audio clips and videos. The chosen clips would loop, and they would be used instead of the artist’s static artwork. Now, Spotify are sharing a more developed version of these tests. It seems some users started to see the changes before Spotify announced them at their event.

Spotify interactive cards

The carousel version of the homepage will be gone. It will completely be replaced with the new vertical style feed. Instead of videos, you’ll see cards. All cards will be shown one at a time and they will involve interaction. You’ll be able to scroll through your cards, and this is where you’ll see the video artwork, or the static artwork depending on the artist. There will be multiple cards to flick through.

These cards are your suggestions. Anything Spotify thinks you’ll love will be recommended to you through this card format. You can move through the cards by tapping on them. This will show you more from that artist. There will also be a plus icon (+) which will allow you to add the track(s) to your playlists. These cards won’t only be for artist suggestions, but playlists too. Your daily hits, podcast recommendations – all of it shown through interactive cards.

TikTok is designed to keep users flicking through. The idea is you become hooked swiping through ever-changing videos within your feed. This is why your For You Page gets shaped to your preferences, so you continue to watch. However, with Spotify, this end result isn’t really necessary. Spotify do however, want you to continue listening to their suggestions, but there is no real requirement to keep a user visually hooked.

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