Create custom radio stations with YouTube Music’s redesign

The majority of streaming services offer radio features which create playlists of songs related to the original song of your choice. YouTube Music have found a way to personalise these radio stations even further.

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Streaming services offer a radio feature. This allows users to find songs similar to their favourites. By choosing a song’s radio, you’ll be presented with a playlist based upon songs you might like. Either from the same artist, or songs others listen to who have the same song taste as you. They’re supposed to be personalised.

The idea with radio stations is to suggest songs you might enjoy. The platforms do the hard work for you, so you don’t have to look for new music. However, with this, you can’t change up the radio stations. To see new options, you’d have to head to another song’s radio. You can’t pick and choose which tracks to keep in the radio station.

However, YouTube are changing this. Google have redesigned YouTube Music, to allow users to customise their radio stations. This will allow users more control over their listening choices. Users will be able to choose up to 30 artists when making their own radio station. They’ll be able to choose how often these artists repeat too.

If you’re heavily into one artist, more so than the others within your choices, you can choose to have them appear more often. This will help tailor your radio station while still giving some control to the platform. You’re not creating your own playlist, just choosing artists you enjoy. From there, YouTube Music will locate songs that might work for you.

You even have control over the mood of the station. If you’re feeling super upbeat, you can opt for a pump-up radio. Likewise, if you need something slower and less intense, you can choose a chill radio. YouTube are giving their users so much more control over the radio preferences than any other platform currently do.

Once the new feature is accessible on your platform, you’ll be able to see a button that says Create a radio. This will appear on the main interface, so it will be easy to find. However, it might take some time for this to be on all devices. YouTube Music are certainly making steps in the right direction, but it’s unlikely they’ll beat their competition just yet.

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