Spotify reach 200 million subscribers

Spotify have recently revealed their new records of breaking 200 million subscribers. However, now, they’ve spoken about how they got there. Let’s take a look!

Spotify discussed their Q4 earnings recently. Within this, we found out that the streaming giants have reached a staggering 200 million subscribers across their platform. Due to their rapid growth, Spotify have been adding new features and updating current ones often.

It seems the more users put their trust into them, the platform takes notice and aim to upgrade their service. Spotify have said “these fans are the heart of Spotify” which shows the streaming company aren’t overlooking how much their users bring to the service.

Spotify have said their subscribers have helped them invest back into their products. By spending the fee to upgrade their account, this gets used by the platform to enhance features they currently have, while looking into expanding further.

Spotify expansion

The company have been able to expand plans such as their Family, Student and Mini plan. They’re also reaching more markets than ever. Currently, they’re in over 180 markets worldwide, with the hopes to push even further.

To show just how much has been achieved throughout the climb to 200 million subscribers, Spotify have put together am infographic explaining every big milestone they’ve achieved throughout the years. It’s great to physically visualise the changes.

The infographic shows you right from the very beginning, back in 2008. Throughout it, you can see how quickly Spotify have expanded in certain stages. It’s interesting to see where the turning points were.

When they first created the platform, it’s unlikely they could have ever imagined it growing to this size in just over 10 years. However, it’s continuing to grow at such a fast pace, that no one can imagine where it will be in another 10 years.

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