Instagram’s dynamic profile photo – switch between your image and avatar

Instagram have updated profile images. Now, the platform will switch between your avatar and your profile image. The new dynamic profile photo allows users to have the best of both, rather than choosing between the two.

Two images side-by-side of an Instagram profile displaying both the profile picture and the avatar.
Credit: Instagram

Instagram have announced a new update that will allow your followers to view both your profile image and your avatar without having to do anything. The platform will simply switch between the two. Before this update, users would have to choose one or the other to display. However, now, you’ll be able to switch between the two.

Your avatar will essentially be added to the other side of your profile image. Anyone visiting your page will be able to flip between the two images. To be able to access this feature, you’ll need to head into your privacy settings and make some updates. Your settings will need to be updated before you can continue.

Once this has been done, you can head back to your profile and click the Edit Profile button. Then you’ll need to add your avatar in the dedicated section. From there, anyone visiting your profile will be able to flip between your two images. This allows your followers to get a sense of your personality while also seeing the real you.

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When your avatar is displayed on your profile, it will wave. It acts as a way of saying hello to those visiting your account. Avatars have been available on Instagram for almost a year, however they haven’t been made a big feature – until now. Originally they were brought in to rival Snapchat’s Bitmoji feature, but Instagram didn’t seem to utilise them.

What are your thoughts? Will you be using the new avatar feature, or are you over it? Avatars seem to pop up and become really popular for a while. Then, people seem to grow tired of them, and they’re no longer as well used. However, they have proved to regularly become popular again on the likes of Snapchat and Facebook, so who knows, maybe they’ll be a hit!

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