Instafest – choose your Spotify festival line up

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, it’s likely you’ve seen various stories of people sharing their dream festival line up. This is thanks to a recent new feature, Instafest. It allows Spotify users to design and share a festival line up based upon their top artists.

Have you ever imagined your dream festival? What would it look like? Who would be there? What artists are your headliners? It’s an interesting thing to consider. We all have very different choices. Some are hardcore into one genre and all their favourite artists fall into that genre. Others like to dabble and have mixed music tastes. They might enjoy multiple artists from a wide variety of genres. So, what if you put all your favourite artists together? It would be heaven, right? The perfect festival.

Instafest – a Spotify festival

A brand-new feature allows Spotify users to create their own personalised festival based upon their most listened to artists. Instafest is a new creation allowing people to create their own festival line-up quickly and easily. It kind of makes Spotify Wrapped look less exciting this year!

Anshay Saboo a University student created an app that would allow users of the streaming platform to create their own festival line up. His coding skills have also seen him create The Grades App and Epilog. It’s a brilliant idea and a fun way of sharing your top artists with your social media friends. Most people take to various social media platforms to share their Wrapped results, so why not also share your festival fun?

How to find your Spotify festival through Instafest

Anyone who uses Spotify will be able to access Instafest. You’ll need an active Spotify account to get started. If it’s not active, how will the platform decide which are your top artists? To get started, simply head to the Instafest website. You’ll then be required to log into your Spotify account.

The site is currently working on setting up Apple Music in the same way, however it’s not yet been completed. It remains in Beta. You can also access this app via, but, again this doesn’t seem to be a method that as many are following. The platform seems to heavily be relying on Spotify users.

From here, the app will create a festival line up based upon your most listened to artists. If you’re not loving the poster design, you have options. You can change the design template. Choose from Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight or Mojave Dusk.

Your username will automatically appear on the poster, but this can be removed if you’d rather keep your details private. Even let the app rate your music taste if you wish. You can receive a basic score, which will let you know on a scale of 0-100 how niche your music taste is.

The lower the score, the less basic you are. Meaning, you probably don’t have many well known artists on your list. Whether you’re basic or not, it’s a super fun way of sharing the artists you listen to most. However, it has landed right before Spotify Wrapped, so it will be interesting to see if one performs better than the other.

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