4 steps to Pre-saving your content

Creating a Pre-save can help you double your streams by the time release day comes around. The more saves, the more people listening. In turn, this means more money. It’s easy to do and completely free through PUSH.fm so why not try it?

To grow your listeners, you need to start promoting your release before it’s even in stores. How do you do this? Create a Pre-save. You might be wondering how? Will it even help? How do I get people to save it? Well, that’s why we’re here to answer all of these burning questions and get you started feeling confident you know what you’re doing.

What is a Pre-save?

A Pre-save is essentially a digital pre-order option. Just in the same way you’d order a CD ahead of the launch date, you can do the same digitally. You pick your preferred store and save an artist’s music ahead of time. Then, when it drops, it will be placed into your library. You don’t need to search for it. It will just be there waiting on release day. Making life so much easier for you as a listener.

Let’s not forget the artist too. Their life becomes easier because they have a promotional tool they can share with their fans. It helps them bring attention to their new release and ensures their fans are able to find it. When music drops, it can be tricky to manage. Everyone wants a link to a different store, but there’s only one of you. How do you promote all these stores at once? Well, if you’ve promoted your Pre-save, your fans will likely already have your music. Making things easier for you.

With PUSH.fm your Pre-save can automatically be turned into a Fan Link on release day. This allows you to promote one link and nothing more. Your fans will be redirected to their preferred store, and they’ll have much more choice from a Fan Link. Only Deezer, Apple Music and Spotify allow Pre-saves. So, by having it automatically transform into a Fan Link, you’re saving yourself the hassle of having to create a second link. Yet, all stores still get promoted.

Below are our handy steps to Pre-saving your content 👇

1. Drive the excitement

That excitement you feel about your release? Make sure others feel it too! If you’re not shouting about your latest track, why should anyone else? You can’t expect your fans to figure out you have a new song by themselves. You’ve got to make them aware! The best way to do this is to make them just as excited as you are! Don’t let them forget your release will soon be here. Keep reminding them. Every day, post about your Pre-save. Get people involved in the hype.

Encourage your fans to share your Pre-save with people they know. After all, we all have some friends with a similar music taste to ourselves. Make sure they’re targeting those friends. The more your fans share your Pre-save, the wider it spreads. There’s only so far you can take it. If you’re not reaching past your audience, neither will your Pre-save. Instead, ask your fans to start sharing it too, and it will begin to snowball. People like authenticity. The more genuine you are and share how much your release means to you, the more others will choose to share it.

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2. Reach out to other artists

Artists can and should help other artists. If you’re someone with a larger following and a newbie on the scene messages you asking for advice or some help, don’t ignore them! Likewise, if you’re looking for some help, reach out to another artist. Of course, you have to be selective with this. Unfortunately those topping the charts possibly won’t be in a position to respond. Nor will those who have accounts managed by other people, labels, management etc.

However, most artists are in charge of everything they own. Their content, promotion, social media channels, emails etc. So, don’t be afraid to ask for some promotion. Why not share their Pre-save if they share yours? Help each other out. The industry is big enough for all artists. Boosting someone else doesn’t undermine you. In fact, it creates a network which you may need later down the line. When you find yourself in need of a boost, you can turn to those you’ve made connections with.

3. Share your Pre-save regularly

There’s not much point creating a Pre-save if you have no intention of sharing it. How will anyone find out about it if you don’t speak about it? You need to be sharing it as often as you can to really draw your audience in. If you share it here and there, and they happen to miss it, you’ve lost out on potential listeners. The point is to share it all the time, so everyone can see it.

Share it across your social media channels whenever you post. Add it into every social story you have. The more places you can share your Pre-save, the better chance you have of people using it. Which, is important because your Pre-save can help secure you a place on Spotify’s editorial playlists. In turn, this will bring you more listeners. Keep sharing your Pre-save. Even when you think you’ve shared it enough, share it again!

4. Create your Pre-save early

The earlier you create it, the more time you have to drive people to Pre-save your work. If you leave it until right before release day, you’re missing out on a lot of potential listeners because you haven’t had the chance to share it far enough. Not everyone will take note and save it first time. Some will need to see something multiple times in order to decide to act on it. Starting earlier will mean these people can see you share your Pre-save link with enough time to do something about it.

The earlier you prepare, the more time you have to enjoy the process too. Planning everything last minute creates a stress you don’t need. So, allow yourself the time to get ahead and have fun while you do it. You can share it regularly before release day without feeling like you’re spamming all your followers. Of course, you want to share it again and again, but people don’t want that to be all they see from you. So, it becomes about balance. The more time, the less spam you have to do.

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