Twitter bio examples – how to create your own

When people first click on your Twitter account, they’ll be met with your bio. This is why it’s important to ensure it represents you in the best light. What are you about, and what can you offer?

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Twitter has a character limit of 160 for each bio. It sounds like a lot, but in reality it’s only a few sentences. So, you need to keep all rambling short and sweet. A Twitter bio is the perfect place to set your tone of voice. Letting those who visit your profile know who you are, what you’re about and how you approach your audience. It might give them an idea on whether to continue down your page, to read your tweets.

Within your Twitter bio, there are a few things you should look at including. This is relevant for anyone, not just certain accounts. If your account is just for fun, and nothing serious, perhaps you don’t need to pay attention to all of these features. However, if you’re either an individual representing themselves professionally, or a business – you should take note. It might depend on your tone of voice as to how many of these ideas you include, but here are our suggestions:

  • Name – either your full name, stage name or your brand’s name
  • Location – this could be town/city or just simply the country you/your business are based in
  • Mission – your mission statement, or brand motto
  • Related accounts – perhaps you’re a specific branch, from a particular country, but your brand has a master account
  • Website – include either a Bio Link or your direct website

Personal branding

You might be an individual that wants to create a personal account for your profession. No matter what your industry, you may decide you want to represent yourself through a serious, business-minded account. Perhaps you work for a corporate company or in a specific career but want to share your views and opinions on the current climate, economy, or just the field you work within. You’d therefore have a serious, to the point bio, rather than something humorous that you may share with friends.


  • Use emojis to separate words/information you want to bullet point. It may make you seem more approachable and less serious
  • Current job title
  • Previous companies that are worth noting
  • Big achievements within your industry

Example @cluckmuckcook

James Hillery on Twitter

Spacing between sentences

  • Your role
  • What you’re currently working on
  • Website links/Bio Links

Example @LaraJade

Lara Jade Twitter bio


Businesses need to have a more professional approach than an individual can get away with. You can still show some personality through your tone of voice. However, you need to aim to remain unbiased towards variety categories such as; politics, religion, large world issues. Unless of course, this is what your business is about, in which case – go ahead! But, as a brand or business usually, you’ll need to avoid being too opinionated. Otherwise, you may put off potential clients simply because you’re offending their beliefs.

Motto or tagline

  • Brand motto – show what you’re about and what your values are
  • Hashtags – start some brand hashtags you can share in your tweets
  • Website

Example @biobean

bio-bean Twitter bio

Customer support

  • Brand motto/statement
  • Offering of support
  • Contact details
  • Opening hours
  • Website

Example @AldiUK

Aldi UK Twitter bio

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