Instagram are testing two feed controls

Instagram have started testing multiple ways to give users control over their feed. The idea is to enhance the user experience by allowing them to decide what they see. Your Instagram feed should be tailored to your preferences, and you shouldn’t be made to view content you’re not comfortable with.

Instagram have started testing two different ways for their users to customise their feed. The ideas will allow users to have the control they should have over their account. They get to set their own experience within the app.

It will save many users from potential triggers and uncomfortable images. They can decide what content they see, and more importantly what they don’t see. The control has been passed back to the account holders.

Within Instagram, users will now be able to mark posts as Not Interested. This means any post they find irrelevant to themselves, or simply they do not like, can be hidden. Not only will that post be hidden, but future ones surrounding this topic can be too.

With just a single tap, users can mark multiple posts within their Explore tab. It will hide the post instantly. From there, they won’t see any similar content to this. Following this, there are plans in the works to allow users to ban emojis.

Soon, Instagram accounts will be able to hide any post featuring certain emojis, hashtags or words. This will help prevent seeing anything you may not be ok with. You can block anything that you find unsettling and make your account a better experience.

It’s a brilliant move, with social media receiving so much backlash throughout the years – it’s good to see Instagram taking action. They’re interested in making their space a really comfortable one. Hopefully this will be a step in the right direction for all social platforms.

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