Does your business need to be on TikTok?

With social platforms evolving every day, how do you figure out what your business needs vs what would be a waste of time? Trial and error, or educated guess work? It’s not always true that you should be on every social media site possible. But, do you need to be on TikTok? You need to head over to and check out our free marketing tools ASAP! #chrissywakeup #wakeup #strangerthings #smartlinks #freemarketingtools #marketingdigital #fyp #fy #needtoknow #foryou ♬ stop using this sound – max mayfield 🫢🏻

TikTok is arguably the most popular social media platform currently. It’s grown rapidly since it’s humble beginnings and content creators are uploading multiple videos daily. While it might seem like a brilliant place to go viral, like all good things – TikTok requires some work. If you’ve got the audience already, you can get away with making lower quality videos from time to time. However, if you’re just starting out, your videos need to be relevant and of good quality. Otherwise, people won’t engage with your content.

It might not be a platform you want to branch into yet. Or, maybe it’s one of the first you want to work on, leaving websites like Facebook and Twitter until later down the line. It’s completely your choice depending on your business and what you feel it needs. Spreading yourself too thin at the start could result in all of your social accounts lacking in quality. This is because you may not have the time to create content suited to each site. Figure out what it is that your business wants to start with and work on building things from here.

Here are a few points to consider πŸ‘‡

Do your audience actively use TikTok?

There isn’t much point being on the platform if your audience aren’t. Your business won’t gain any interest if the right target market are using other sites instead. It’s important you appeal to your consumer base. Otherwise, you’re putting work into something that isn’t needed. Why not create an account for yourself and browse your competition? Take a look at whose viewing the type of content you’d be creating before signing your business up for their own account.

If you find your target audience are all over the app, that’s when you should consider being on there yourself. It will help you gain inspiration on how to create content too, through seeing who they currently engage with. You might find patterns of the type of videos your potential audience enjoy. This is where you can start getting your own ideas for content. It’s really important to educate yourself on these elements before taking the leap.

Can my business give my audience what they need?

Consider whether you’re filling a gap in the market, or just adding the same content as all your rivals. If during your research you notice your competition repeating each other’s videos again and again, consider how you can put your own spin on it. No one wants to view the same message over and over as they scroll through the platform. Think about how you can add to your audience’s day by giving them something they don’t already have.

Being too heavy on selling your products or service won’t do you any favours. Of course, you’re there for a reason, you want to grow your brand. However, it’s important you don’t come across as too sale driven because this will put your potential audience off. While people buy from TikTok or find products through the app all the time – people don’t want to feel like they’re being persuaded into buying things each time they scroll through the app. Find the right balance of what you can give your audience, vs what you can gain from them.

Is TikTok worth your time?

As a business you have very little free time. The free time you do find, is quickly taken over by something else that crops up. Before starting a TikTok account, consider how much time you have to create videos. Of course, no TikTok video is quite Hollywood film level. But, they do take some time depending on what you’re trying to create. Some are longer than others to make, so it’s important you have the time on your hands to make these videos.

Try to avoid taking on more than you can achieve to start with. Once other elements are up and running, there’s no reason you can’t place time into other avenues. For now though, consider if it’s worth the extra time. You need to be consistent on TikTok to grow. So, having free time here and there to create videos might not be enough. What will you gain from making videos for the platform? Exposure, or new customers? If that’s the case, you might want to consider it. But, if you don’t think it will benefit you, it might not be worth it.

It’s always worth with any new project considering various elements before you jump in. Once you’re on a platform, you need to continue with it. Otherwise, you’ll have gaps which will look unprofessional, and you may lose the attention you’ve worked hard to attract. It’s definitely worth taking a look on your own personal account first to see if there’s the room for your business to set up within the platform. Give it some time to immerse yourself within that world to see where you’ll fit in if you decide to give it a go.

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