Listen & Book – Spotify and EasyJet team up for the ultimate travel experience

Just when you thought partnerships couldn’t get any more crazy – audio streaming store Spotify and flight company EasyJet have teamed up. To give their customers a unique experience of music meets travel. Based upon your music taste, you’ll be given a European destination.

We’re always talking about Spotify’s new partnerships, because let’s face it – they’re on a roll. This one is really exciting though. Music and travel go hand in hand in every way possible. From the moment you step on that plane, you’re probably tuning in to your favourite tracks. Lazing by the ocean shore, or catching a ride across the city – you’ll have your playlists handy. We almost sound like an advert for the airline here, but we promise we’re just interested in this partnership.

Spotify have now partnered up with EasyJet – a well known airline that covers many European destinations. Cheap and cheerful as it’s often described, they have hundreds of flights each day. Connecting people across all areas of the continent and allowing others to explore places they could only imagine. Both Spotify and EasyJet want this partnership to be about people discovering new experiences. Whether that be through music or travel.

Many people will love various genres but never experience them for themselves live. Immersing yourself in different cultures can expand your music taste to some degree. That’s why this partnership is so special. The Listen & Book tool recently created allows listeners to discover their next destination based upon their music preferences. The idea is to provide listeners with a European country they should explore. They’ll gather this information by looking into the tracks and albums you lean towards.

Maybe you’ll be jetting off to Italy to unwind to a soft, slow tempo track. Or you’ll be heading across to Ibiza to dance along to your favourite tunes while letting your hair down. Whatever your taste, there’s something for everyone. It might be you have various tastes and need to pick a side to determine your next destination. You’ll be provided with concert venues and information about the music scene within that area. So, you can fully get yourself invested into the travel/music lifestyle.

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