PUSH 101: What could you promote through a QR code?

QR codes are valuable digital tools. They act as barcodes, taking your audience directly to the website or landing page required. Cutting out the need to search independently.

PUSH QR code

Social media

Add your social media account to your promotional tools through creating a QR code. Include it on any banners, leaflets, or business cards. When scanned, your audience will be taken straight to the relevant social platform.

They can then check out your content. This is great if your work is often visual. If you’re someone who needs to show their work and what products they have to offer, you’ll likely want to direct them to your social platforms where they can do just that.


Restaurants have started adding QR codes to their tables or promotional material. It allows customers to scan the code and bring up the menu straight away. This was brought into a lot of restaurants during the huge spikes of COVID-19 to avoid contact. It’s stuck around as it’s been found to be efficient.

No more wiping down menus and needing to return several times to ask if they’ve made their mind up yet. Instead, they can check out the menu directly from their own phone and decide what they want. Many restaurants even include an option to order online. So, it cuts out work because they’re viewing the menu and ordering through their own phones.


If you want people to check out your website, make it easy for them. Again, this might be something you attach to a business card. Perhaps you’re a business advertising on billboards, and you want to give people a place they can go to learn more about you. Adding your QR code will mean they can scan it and head straight to your website.

It could bring in more visitors to your site because they don’t need to type your website link in and search for it. Yes, this might not be a difficult task, however people love to cut corners any way they can. Including a QR code within your marketing is one massive way to achieve that. Since they’re free to create, there are only positives to them.

E-commerce stores

Are you a physical store that also offers online sales? Why not advertise by creating QR codes and turning these into stickers around your store. Put them everywhere you can. On mirrors, shelves, at the till, anywhere people will see them. Then, if something isn’t in stock, your consumers aren’t put off. They can simply scan your code and head there to check for their size.

Using QR codes within your marketing could massively boost your customers. Place the QR code across any packaging you send to customers. Any ‘thanks for your order’ notes or the parcel itself. This will encourage people to head back to your store to shop again. Include them within your social media posts too. If someone’s browsing online, they’ll likely pull their smartphone out to scan the code and head straight to your site if they see something that catches their eye.

Landing pages

A huge one for us is QR codes for landing pages. You can create these for free through PUSH.fm. Once you’ve created your Smart Links, Pre-saves, Reward Links or Competitions – you can download a QR code straight away. Having people scan your QR code and heading to your landing page presents them with various options. Within your links you can add as many URLs as needed. So, with just a scan of their camera, someone has access to all of your content.

Perhaps you’re advertising for your upcoming event, and you want people seeing your adverts to learn more about your work. You could attach your QR code to any posters or banners you use to promote yourself. From there, people will be directed to your landing page. As a music artist, this landing page might contain links to buy tickets for the tour you’re promoting. You might also include your streaming profiles, so they can check out your music.


A brilliant way to advertise your music is through QR codes because you can attach them to anything. Tour set lists, billboards, merchandise – you name it! When promoting yourself, think, can my QR code fit on here? The answer is probably yes. You could attach the code to anything physical you sell, whether it be a vinyl case or a t-shirt. Scanning your QR code could take someone straight to your latest release.

You might be promoting a new track or album and want to give a sneak peek into a future track. There aren’t really any limits to where you place your QR code. If you think it could increase your chances of being noticed or widening your audience, then go for it. When on tour, you might attach a QR code to your tickets. Maybe when scanned, a video message could pop up of you thanking your fans for their support. There are so many ways you can turn a QR code into further marketing.

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