Smartwatch perfect for musicians with a built-in metronome

Take perfect timing with you wherever you go (pun intended). The Soundbrenner smartwatch has a built-in metronome which can help you keep to the rhythm in any situation. Remove the hassle of set up.

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Credit: Soundbrenner

Throughout the years there have been many tools created for musicians to control their timing. Some don’t require any assistance. While others like to use tools to ensure their timing and rhythm are perfect. A really popular tool is a metronome. This was designed to click in time. The noise helps you stay on beat. However, this is something you have to set up each time. If you slip out of time slightly, the clicking noise can be off-putting because it can be difficult to get yourself back into the rhythm from there.

To avoid having to set your equipment up each time, you could invest in the Soundbrenner smartwatch. This was designed for musicians and has a built-in metronome. The watch itself is just $85. Which, for a smartwatch is pretty good. The metronome within sends vibrations. These are seven times stronger than a normal smartwatches vibrations. It helps you feel the beat without the distraction of sound. You can listen to just your sound, rather than hearing a clicking sound in the background.

This is beneficial too for those who play their music too loud to hear a metronome normally. It means you can still keep your timing perfect. The watch itself is silent so even when it vibrates, you won’t be distracted. Not only can you attach this to your wrist like a normal watch, but, you can also wear it on your thigh, chest or waist. Pick somewhere that won’t get in the way. You might not want to wear a watch on your wrist while performing. Having multiple wear options means you can be comfortable while you perform.

The technology within the watch allows you to synch up with others in your band. You can pair your watch with up to five other Soundbrenner smartwatches through their handy app. So, you can all be in time together. Being able to travel with you anywhere without taking up space, it’s super handy. It’s a clever piece of equipment and since so many people have smartwatches these days, why not invest in one that can boost your music even further?

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