PUSH.fm launch a feature to create your own QR codes

Now your campaigns can be turned into QR codes, so anyone can reach them with just a quick scan. They’re generated for you once your link has been created, and you can use them to promote your work even further.

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What is a QR code, and how do they work?

QR codes are scannable products made up of various data. They act as barcodes. Once scanned, they bring up a webpage or product online. They’re a digital way of quickly accessing information without needing to search anywhere.

Often they’re used for landing pages, websites, social media accounts or menus. Restaurants have made QR codes popular. Since the rise of COVID-19, food establishments needed a method of displaying their menu without contact. This is where QR codes became super popular.

They’d create QR codes that take the customer straight to their menu on their website. It saved time because the customer didn’t have to download an app or search for their company online. They aren’t only used in this way though. QR codes are useful for all digital products. You might find codes that take you to someone’s social media accounts.

They can be printed out or attached to a webpage. This way you can essentially place your social media handles everywhere. People viewing your codes don’t have to search anything, instead, they scan your code and head straight there. Each QR code is different, just like a barcode. They’re made up of black squares and dots.

These squares and dots are responsible for different parts of data. When scanned, the data comes together, and you’re instantly directed to the correct page. Most people have smartphones now which is brilliant for QR code growth. Smartphones allow you to scan QR codes directly through your camera. Simply open your camera, point it at the QR code and the website or link will appear for you to click on. Press the link and away you go!

Why do you need a QR code?

They’re quick and convenient for everyone involved. If you want to direct people to your landing pages, you should share a QR code. You’ll find more visitors to your page because people will scan the code wanting to see what it brings up. Once there, they may decide to follow your links and check out your content.

QR codes are used for promotion, so adding them to all your promotional material will encourage page visits. If you’re wanting to grow your accounts, this is a perfect way to do it. You can attach it to anything; business cards, merchandise, tour posters or leaflets. No matter what your content or products are about, you can create a QR code.

Through PUSH, you can automatically create one from your links. It’s a quick process that requires no effort at all. Both free and Premium accounts have access to this feature. You’ll need to ensure your link is live first. Then head to the ellipsis menu on the right-hand side of your chosen link. There you’ll see the option to Download QR Code. Check out our GIF below to see how to do this.

GIF showing how to download a QR code through PUSH.fm
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