Spotify’s Premium users will have individual play and shuffle buttons

Spotify are working on making the overall user experience better for their Premium users. They’re working on adding separate buttons for play and shuffle. This should hopefully make choosing your music easier and therefore improve your time on the app.

Red and pale green target circles within the background. The foreground has a smartphone with Spotify loaded. It has the play and shuffle buttons magnified.

Spotify are always aiming to expand their features and make their app more user friendly. There have been many changes along the way to adapt and push their platform to be even better than before. Their latest will see two separate buttons being added for Premium users. Making things even clearer than before.

The music platform believe that you should be in full control of your music. How you listen to it and when. This is where their new idea came from. You should have full control. From the minute you open the app, you will be able to control what music you hear and when. This was already an option – adding songs into a queue would ensure this.

However, the streaming platform believe they can do more. You will have the option to change the mode at the top of your playlists or albums. There you can choose to shuffle your tracks, or listen to them in order through pressing the play button. It makes an already available feature even easier. So, despite it not necessarily being a completely new angle, they have made things easier.

This feature will be seen on iOS and Android devices within the next few weeks. All Premium users across the world will be able to start changing the way they listen. It will be interesting to see how this does change the experience. Will it make it better, or will it not be all that noticeable? It might not be a massive update, but if it’s adding to the user experience then it’s a winner. However, it’s interesting they’ve only added this to Premium accounts.

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