Instagram subscription test gets expanded

Instagram have been testing out some ideas for a subscription feature. First only accessible to a handful of creators, now the feature is available to “tens of thousands” within the US. Content creators and influencers will be able to start live chats with their followers.

A brand-new Instagram feature is being worked on. For some time now, Instagram have been focusing their attention on a new concept which will allow followers to pay a subscription fee to access behind the scenes videos and content from their favourite creators. Within this new idea, creators will be able to host live chats with their subscribers. These chats will be powered through Messenger and can be started directly through the creator’s inbox.

The chats hang around for 24 hours, allowing the creator to decide when to interact with their subscribers. Within these chats you can have up to 30 people. Creators will be able to offer exclusive content through the form of reels or still images. This will allow subscribers to access more of their favourite creator’s life than regular followers. There will be an exclusive tab within a creatives account. Subscribers can click on this and access all the private videos.

Instagram adding a subscription option will allow creators to earn money through their content. Aside from adverts and brand deals, people will soon be able to earn directly from their followers. It comes as other platforms have developed their subscription services. Although, it will be interesting to see their pricing options. Fans of creators will want to support them in every way they can, however, it seems unfair if they have to try and subscribe to all platforms now. Not only is it a huge excess cost, but also, they might get the same hidden content across all platforms. Perhaps creators will start placing different content across each site.

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