How has social media changed the way we function – the good and the bad

Since social media came about, we’ve become more and more reliant on it. Throughout the pandemic, at times, social media was the only way we were able to communicate. Due to this, we’ve adapted even further with how we reach out to others. Both from a personal place, and from a business point of view.

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How has social media changed the way we communicate?

Has social media made things easier? We can talk to anyone without having to leave our house. No longer do you have to ring someone’s house phone and hope they’re in. Instead, you can send them a message and wait for their response. It means we can communicate on the go. This means we’re able to talk more than ever, surely? Or, does it mean we’ve lost touch with real communication, and instead rely on modern technology to do it for us? There needs to be a balance. In so many ways, social media has changed the world for the better. However, it can be argued it’s made us lazy.

The good

We’re now able to access information anywhere in the world. This has opened doors that we wouldn’t have expected previously. Social media has given us the opportunity to reach out to companies at any time of the day, and they can reply at a time that suits them. It takes away the struggle of having to ring a business within their opening hours. As, with many people, work takes over, and they’re unable to take a private phone call during normal working hours. Allowing anyone to get the information they need without having to work around availability. It means you can ask general questions to a company and not have to be on hold on the phone for ages. Overall, it makes the customer and business relationship easier to manage. Meaning happy customers and a happy business.

Social media gives us the information we need. We know a companies opening hours, phone number and address by simply searching them up on social platforms. You can see their products styled for you, and even purchase through these sites. It takes away the hassle of going through extra processes. Instead, you can research, find and buy all from one place. Meaning you don’t have to shop around to find the thing you’re looking for. It makes businesses a one-stop shop – which with society as busy as it currently is, we really need. On the other hand, it works out for the business too. They have free advertising. Long gone are the days when you’d pay to promote yourself in a newspaper. You can show off your designs online, at no cost.

It doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, we’re able to contact companies, friends and family in multiple ways. We can share photos and videos we found that remind us of our nearest and dearest. Social media allows us to upload snippets of our daily lives so those who aren’t near to us can follow along with our journeys. We’re able to see global issues that otherwise might not make it to our news. This is because we can connect with anyone across the world. It opens our doors to new opportunities and to be able to help others in difficult situations. We can also access healthcare through social media. Allowing us to find out what we’re possibly suffering with, without a face-to-face appointment. It means we can grow as individuals quicker and more efficiently. This independence from face-to-face meetings has allowed businesses to run more efficient workflows with PBX phone system integration in communications. A life without any boundaries.

The bad

It’s no secret social media can be a toxic place to be. Children younger and younger are on the platforms and feeling they must conform to society’s harsh standards. It makes the world of social media a cruel place. Meaning kids race to grow up and don’t like who they are because they’re forever trying to be someone else. It isn’t just the younger generation that struggle with the need to fit in. Many people from all ages feel they aren’t enough because social media paints a different story. It also makes people try to be something they’re not which is where things become more dangerous. Trying to live up to a lifestyle you don’t have isn’t achievable. It could leave you in debt, or being exposed for not having the life you show.

We’ve almost lost touch on communicating in person. Talking to people via messaging apps seems easier than having a face-to-face conversation. This isn’t healthy, and we should be encouraging speaking in person. A lot more problems would be avoided if people would speak to each other. It also leaves those living alone extremely lonely. They have no access to human contact which can destroy their mental health. It’s important to get outside in the fresh air and speak to people. Becoming too reliant on your phone will mean you forget how to communicate. Leaving a generation unable to form meaningful relationships. Also, when it comes to work, many people won’t know how to communicate effectively with those they work with, and/or customers.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe social media has changed the world for the better? Has it made your daily life easier? Perhaps it’s just about the balance. As long as we’re able to communicate in person and also get the benefits from social platforms, then it shouldn’t be an issue. The problems occur when the lines are blurred and people lean either way too much. It’s certainly a blessing in our opinion. We’re able to share and communicate our products and services to everyone across various platforms. Without it, companies would survive off word of mouth and that’s not always achievable. At least with social media businesses can make their own audiences.

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