Instagram now allows you to pin three posts or reels to your profile

Twitter has allowed you to pin your favourite tweet to your profile for some time. Now, it seems Instagram are following this idea by allowing users to pin content to the top of their profile. They introduced comment pins a while back, and now they’re taking it to the next level.

Instagram Reels pinned
Credit: Instagram

Instagram has introduced another new feature. They’re forever upgrading the user experience, especially now they have so much competition from other social platforms. Social media giants Instagram have now added a feature which will allow you to pin your favourite posts to your profile. You can have up to three reels or standard posts pinned to the top of your page. Anyone then visiting your account will see these posts before anything else.

Make sure the posts you pin are your best. Whether it be because they’re performing the best, or simply they’re the ones you want everyone to see first. They’ll act as a nice little summary of your account for anyone viewing your page. It will show them the type of content they can expect to see if they follow you. This comes after platforms such as Twitter and TikTok have seen a lot of interest with their pin feature. Many users of these apps pin their favourite or best performing content to their profile. It seems Instagram have borrowed this idea.

To use this feature, simply click the three dots in the top right-hand corner on your post or reel. There you’ll see an option to pin your post to your profile. Click that and when you head back to your profile you will see your post pinned to the top left corner. It will have a white pin icon attached to it, so everyone viewing your profile will know it’s been selected by you. Any further posts you then pin to your account will push your first post to the right. You can have up to three posts at any time, these will then display as your first line of content.

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