TikTok are set to launch a subscription service similar to Twitch

TikTok are about to launch their subscription service. Viewers will be able to pay to subscribe to certain live streams. It will give them perks in a similar way to Twitch. This comes shortly after YouTube have said they’re introducing subscription gifting. It seems all video platforms are fighting to keep up with each other.


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TikTok’s live subscriptions

TikTok have now announced their new program that will allow you to pay to subscribe to certain live streamers. It will be known as Live Subscription and anyone who chooses to pay for this will have access to extra perks. They’ll be able to access subscriber chats, and hold badges that show they’re subscribed. It will help their account stand out compared to non-subscribers. This could be encouraging for many users, ahead of TikTok’s other update where fans will be able to play interactive games with their favourite live streamers.

Set to launch today (May 26th) it comes not long after YouTube announced their new feature. Soon, you’ll be able to gift live stream subscriptions on YouTube. You’ll be able to share the special access with friends, or just other fans. Is this TikTok’s way of getting ahead of the game? Beating YouTube to a big launch? YouTube do already offer paid subscriptions, so TikTok aren’t the first there. However, it could drive people away from YouTube Live Streams for a little while. It’s no secret that TikTok and YouTube are rivals.

Twitch started it?

However, both companies could be accused of stealing this idea from Twitch. After all, they started paid streaming subscriptions. Twitch’s subscription costs start at $4.99 a month and range up to $24.99 per month, depending on which tier you go with. It’s said that TikTok will follow a similar pricing pattern. It’s no lie that TikTok creators will benefit from this though. So, whether they borrowed the idea from a rival or not, it’s overall benefitting the creatives and that’s something that should be encouraged.

TikTok have been no strangers to having ideas stolen from them too. All social media platforms seem to change each other’s concepts to suit their own users. So, wherever the idea came from, it’s not like that platform won’t have borrowed ideas from elsewhere too. It’s almost unavoidable. The video sharing app will be billing subscribers every month. However, they haven’t yet said if they’ll be taking a cut. Or, if so, how much they’ll be taking before creators see any of it. They have been known to be really great at sharing revenue fairly, so let’s hope this continues.

Currently, you’ll have to be 18 or older to have purchase a subscription. This goes for the creators too. Only those over 18 will be able to have accounts subscribe to them for a fee. Also, you’ll need at least 1,000 followers to even be considered. While this will be great news for so many accounts, don’t get too excited. To begin with, like most features, it will be invite only. So, if TikTok don’t send you an invitation, you’ll have to wait a little longer. Once it’s all up and running smoothly, it’s likely TikTok will remove the invite rule and will just allow creators to upgrade their own accounts.

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