Spotify Blend – new features, new ways to share music with your friends

Spotify released their Blend feature which allowed users to create playlists with their friends. They made it possible to collaborate multiple music tastes, and they’d create playlists inspired by both yours and your friend’s choices. Now, they’ve expanded this even further.

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Spotify have expanded their Blend features. Before you could use this tool to create blended playlists with one friend. You’d be able to combine music preferences and Spotify would source songs they feel would suit both of your tastes. However, now, they have taken this further. Instead of just one person, you will now be able to created blended playlists with up to 10 people.

Some families do group chats. Why not be a family who do a blended playlist instead? Get everyone involved. From your younger cousin who loves the charts, to your Dad who swears they don’t make music like they did back in his day. You can all contribute by adding your favourite tracks and let Spotify work its magic. See what they suggest from 10 people’s different music tastes. You never know, you could find some really fantastic music you’d have never thought to try out before.

Their aim is to bring people together through music. You might find out you have more in common with other people than you think. What a fantastic icebreaker. You share your favourite tracks, they share theirs and Spotify does the rest. It doesn’t just cover friends and family though. This feature has been extended to some artists too. They can create a playlist of their favourite tracks, and you can add yours to see what your blended playlist would look like.

BTS Blends

Not only that, but Spotify have introduced scorecards. Use these to see how compatible your music tastes are against your favourite artists. Other than them, do you have similar favourite artists in common? Some of the artists involved are; BTSCharli XCXKacey MusgravesLauvMegan Thee StallionMimi WebbTai VerdesXamã,

Share your scorecards to social media. Especially if they’re strong. You will get a taste match score which will be made just for you. Compare yours and your favourite artists tastes and if you’re similar, show it off. Let everyone know you match highly with your favourite singers. It’s a great way of bringing people together. Compete with your friends to see who has more in common with your favourite artists. Or, simply try out new music and connect with those around you.

📌 PUSH Tip: Head to Spotify blog For the Record to find out how to access these new features!

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