PUSH 101: Tips and tricks to writing a powerful Instagram bio

Your bio needs to be engaging. It’s the first thing people see when they click on your account, so if it doesn’t capture their attention, why should they stay? Try and keep your bio short and sweet, so people are more likely to read it. It should give an insight into you or your brand straight away.

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Key points to include in your Instagram bio

  • A photo that represents you – If you’re a brand, you will want your profile picture to be your logo. Hopefully over time people will start to recognise this logo and associate it with you. If you’re an individual, whether that be artist or influencer etc, you need your profile photo to represent who you want people to see you as. For example, avoid using characters or random stock style images. Choose something clear that shows who you are, whether this be your artwork or you as a person. People want to see they’ve come to the right profile straight away.
  • Your name – Either your brand name, artist name or your name as an individual. Depending on what you want to go by. For example, if you’re creating your artist profile, don’t include your real name, instead use your artist persona.
  • URL – Now, it’s important to note that Instagram only allowed one link per bio. This is where we would suggest checking out our services at PUSH.fm and creating yourself a free Fan Link. You can add all of your links under one customisable URL. That way when people head to your bio, they can access all of your relevant links.
  • Detailed description – Don’t add so much detail that it becomes an essay. Luckily Instagram have a bio word limit, so you won’t be able to add too much into your description. Make sure your description shows who you are, what you can offer and what your mission is.
  • Call to action – This could be a Contact Us or a Buy Now button. Something that calls your followers to act on something.

Instagram bios for brands

There are different routes you can go down as a brand wanting to draw people in. It mainly depends on the service or products you’re offering. If your brand is quite formal, you probably won’t be producing a humour based bio. However, if your products are fun and aimed at a carefree audience then you might go down this avenue.


Social media is a place where humour is allowed. It doesn’t have to be as formal as your website. Instagram especially is a place people go to unwind and have some fun. They tend to share the best bits of their day-to-day life. With Instagram being a light-hearted platform, you can bring humour into your bio. Show your brand in a relaxed way. Make people see that there isn’t a robot running the page, and instead it’s someone with a personality.

Exploding kittens Instagram
Credit: Instagram

As you can see above, the card game Exploding Kittens shows themselves in a funny way on Instagram. The game is supposed to be a light-hearted and fun family game. So, they have summed up the card game in a humorous way. Just a shame they’re using Linktree and not PUSH though, right?

Share your values

If you want your audience to understand your ideas and values, then sum them up within your bio. When someone clicks on your profile, they’ll understand who you are and what you stand for. They’re likely to get an idea of the products or service you offer straight away. Then they can quickly see if you offer what they’re looking for.

PUSH Instagram bio
Credit: Instagram

At PUSH, we’ve gone down the factual route. We want to let people know what we can offer them as soon as they click on our profile. It’s important for us to get across that our services are free because we feel this is one way we can stand out from our competition.


Certain accounts fill their bio with hashtags. This is because hashtags make your content easier to find. Depending on the ones you select, they can increase your reach massively. Ensure you add relevant hashtags to your bio however, or else you won’t be gaining followers through this method. It’s also a fantastic place to hashtag the causes you’re passionate about.

Nike Instagram page
Credit: Instagram

Nike have gone down the route of using hashtags for causes they find important. These two hashtags are really powerful and it’s great to see a household name using them to get the message out there.

Use emojis

Everyone loves an emoji, some people more than others. Particularly if you’re an individual it might be a route you want to go down by adding lots of emojis to your bio. Even if you just add your favourite ones. It could sum up your character nicely. Some brands or individuals use them as bullet points to get across the information they want you to know about. It’s eye catching and draws people in.

Cookie doh Instagram bio
Credit: Instagram

If you look at the company Cookie Doh, they have gone emoji crazy. However, it really works for them. They want to show the fun, exciting energy behind their brand. All the points they want you to know are summed up in bullet points, emoji style.

These are just a few ways you can turn your bio from drab to fab. It really depends on your business or brand and the message you want to get across. Think, if you were clicking on your profile, would you want to stick around and possibly follow? If not, why? Your Instagram should represent you in the best way possible, so it’s important you’re backing yourself. Bios can always change. When it comes to your name or profile picture, think these through a little more because changing these often will make things confusing. You want to be memorable and if you’re changing things that people know, you’re likely to confuse people.

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