Instagram now lets you add accounts to your favourites list

Now you have the option to see content from your favourite Instagram users first. To do this though, you need to set your favourites up. Add the accounts you want to interact with the most so nothing gets missed.

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Instagram has updated their feed to allow users to have more choice over what they see. Choosing from three different options; algorithmically arranged feeds, chronological feeds or favourites. You get to decide which option suits you best so why not try them out and see which one you like the most.

If you choose the favourites option, you can see the accounts you want to interact with the most. This could be any account. You might add your favourite artists, celebrities, home inspo accounts, anything you like, you can add. Also adding to this list, pop your friends and family on there, so you can see what they post before seeing the posts from other accounts.

It might be that you want to follow certain accounts, but you aren’t as interested in seeing their content pop up first. Well, now you don’t have to unfollow them to see them less often. Instead, just don’t add them to your favourites. Your favourites are for the accounts you love the most. You’ll still have access to all the other users you follow. It’s simply a way of Instagram arranging your feed.

You must have at least one account on your favourites list to be able to choose this option. Then simply head to your homepage on Instagram. Click on the Instagram icon in the top-left corner. You will see an option pop up that says following, favourites or manage favourites. Choose the manage favourites option, and you’ll see the accounts Instagram has automatically selected for you. They select these based upon your account activity and who you interact with. However, you can decide who makes it to the list. Remove and add accounts as you wish, and your favourites are ready to go.

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