Instagram stories are trialling private likes

Instagram have started testing a new feature. Not everyone will have access to this just yet. Only certain users will get to trial it to begin with. The new feature will enable users to like stories privately. The best part is, only the person who has uploaded the story will be able to see their likes.

Instagram’s new feature

Instagram are currently testing another new feature. This time it’s an option to like people’s stories, but privately. The company have confirmed this isn’t something every user can access just yet. However, if all goes well, we should see it fairly soon. They’ve confirmed only the uploader of the story will be able to see the amount of likes. These won’t be made public. This is a great move because in the past Instagram have been slammed with their like counts. For many of us it’s a harmless way of keeping track on how many people are interacting with our content. However, for some people, it becomes obsessive and all they are bothered by is the amount of likes.

Do the likes matter?

Taking away the like count is possible, however for people who are consumed by it, they probably won’t want to hide it. That’s why bringing in a like count for Instagram stories is a great thing, as long as it remains hidden. With the company stating there are no plans to make these public, that’s reassuring. It’s an aim to connect people with the people closest to them in more ways than before. Previously you could react to a story. We presume this will still be an option, sending a fire emoji or a love heart to react to something you have seen. It will be interesting to see how the new like feature fits into this process.

Instagram are always looking to build on new ways to interact with your friends and the people who you follow. They’ve improved their story options massively throughout the years. From adding stickers and music options, to allowing polls and links to be included. The options are becoming endless, but it is a really fantastic way of sharing messages far and wide. Not only are they brilliant ways to interact, but also you can share causes you are passionate about. Add in a link and people can head straight to the website of the cause you’re trying to promote.

We’re excited to see the new feature being rolled out. It will be interesting to see how it fits in and what it looks like. What are your thoughts on the feature? A nice addition or not necessary? Perhaps it will be an easy way for people to interact with their favourite artists or creatives. They can simply send a quick like and carry on with their day. It shows you’re paying an interest in the people you follow without taking up any time at all.

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