12 predictions for the future of music

It’s always interesting to hear the views of people within the industry. Where they see trends going, what we’ll soon say goodbye to, basically anything involving the music scene. Many artists past and present make their predictions for the year ahead, so we’re going to look into some of those.

Predictions for the music scene

The start is particularly interesting because it mentions the differences between previous years and today’s music making process. It used to be the case you’d have to pay a recording company to use their studio, so you could create your track. Potentially you’d have to pay for people’s time as well if you weren’t able to use the equipment yourself. However, these days it can all be done from the comfort of your own home. It doesn’t have to be a group effort as much. You could record and release a song all by yourself. Digital Audio Workstations make the process much easier. They’ve evolved massively, and now every artist owns one.

Equipment such as microphones and guitars etc are a lot easier to come by. Even when you’re starting out, you could buy second hand ones if you aren’t in a position to buy a brand new one. There are so many options that you can suit any price bracket, so it doesn’t have to be off limits to anybody. This is how it differs from many years ago too as equipment would potentially have to have been hired in order to be accessible. That means they wouldn’t have potentially had as much practise time as an artist these days.

It’s suggested that we might see a new platform in the near future. This platform would be a way of introducing new artists to music listeners in a way that streaming stores don’t. It would possibly only be available to artists who haven’t yet made it big as this would give them a starting point. He talks about one hit wonders and how artists may have a well known song that everyone has heard, however nobody knows the artist. That’s the case with older music because streaming stores weren’t around. Now, if you wanted to know who sang a certain song, you’d check out Spotify etc.

Discussed also, is the idea behind trending pop culture. We’ve seen Squid Game take off and become a viral series. This changes music massively. He then goes on to talk about publishing rights. It’s possible that publishers will target certain old school artists or perhaps upcoming ones. Any that seem to be involving themselves in other viral areas. For example, certain songs took off once the series Squid Game became popular. This is down to popular culture and the idea of creating playlists that match trends. A highly interesting video that has had many views on YouTube already and will continue to spike. Make sure you watch it!

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