Squid Game – how new trends change our streaming habits

Squid Game? Completed it. Of course, I mean, who hasn’t? If you’re someone who hasn’t yet watched it because you either can’t handle subtitles or you refused to watch dubbed series, then I’m sorry, but you are seriously missing out. Yes, it deserves all the hype it gets. With that being said, it’s odd how something that’s popular on Netflix can take over the entire internet right? Including what music we listen to…

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We’ve all heard of Squid Game, if you haven’t, I’m sorry to tell you, but you’ve been living under a rock. It’s taken over the internet. If people aren’t watching it, then they’re quoting it, creating memes and sharing their favourite bits from the intense series. To sum it up, it’s basically hard up people, convinced to enter a game with multiple rounds to see who will win the jackpot at the end. They’re made to play childhood games that they are all familiar with. The catch though, if you don’t make it through the round, you don’t make it out alive. Brutal isn’t it?

Now it sits at the top spot as Netflix’s most watched show of all time, which is a crazy achievement since it’s not been around for long at all. I get it though, it’s totally deserved, and I’d tell anyone and everyone to watch it if they haven’t already. Join the club, you’re missing out if you’re not in on the action. Sprialing on from this, everything has turned to Squid Game. Streaming stores have found themselves taken over by the show.

Spotify has been taken over by the game

Spotify have let us in on some inside knowledge. Since the series debuted on 17th September 2021, there have been 22,500 playlists created relating to Squid Game. How is that even possible in such a short space of time? It’s crazy. Spotify seem to have created a challenge now, should you choose to accept. Are you up for it? Can you join in this game? What songs would you add to a Squid Game themed playlist?

USA are currently winning the game, so if you’re from anywhere else you need to do it for your country and beat them… In second place are the UK, followed by Germany, Australia and The Netherlands. This is referring to how many playlists have been created, so come on…

So what is the idea behind it? You have to add songs that remind you of Squid Game. Some popular choices are as follows 👇

Things move on really quickly when it comes to trends and that’s why you need to be prepared. If you have music that fits nicely into the current Squid Game playlist theme, add it now. Create your own playlist to show off your work. You have to be in it to win it, right? With Squid Game reaching such huge popularity, now is your chance to get your music heard. I wonder what the next takeover will be…

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