Top 5 smartphone apps for scheduling social media posts

So you’ve gone ahead and prepped multiple of images ready to go. You’ve edited them and feel super ready to get them online. However, you don’t want to have to set a reminder each day to post them. You certainly don’t want to forget, especially if they’re part of a lead up to bigger content. It could be make or break. That’s where social media schedulers are really handy. Download one onto your phone, and you’ll never miss a post again.


Buffer is a social media scheduler that can be used on desktop and also smartphones. It is compatible with IOS and Android and covers the following stores; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. If you’re looking to use Buffer, it’s important to note not all business accounts will be able to link up. For example, you can connect an Instagram business account, but you will need to upgrade to the Pro version if you want to connect a business Pinterest account.

As a whole, Buffer is a really popular tool. It’s known for its sleek interface and easy to use design. Many businesses use it as a tool on their desktops when it comes to creating a posting schedule for their social accounts. Having it as a smartphone app makes life run a bit smoother. The desktop version worked so well that the smartphone platform has to be useful, surely?

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Planoly was first created as an Instagram planner because they wanted to make the process of uploading to the social media giants really simple. The creator of the platform was juggling being a single mum alongside running an independent business. This is where the idea of making posting easier came from.

The only downside to this app is that it doesn’t cover a huge variety of social media platform. You can schedule your Instagram and Pinterest posts, but that’s the limit. If you want something to cover all social media accounts then this possibly isn’t the one for you. However, if you’re more of a visual promoter and Instagram is your main focus, this could be for you. It’s compatible with Android and IOS, so everyone can use it.

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Preview is a completely Instagram only posting scheduler. So, again, it’s great if you’re looking to only schedule your images, however you’d need another app if you want to plan out all of your posts. There are a few other helpful features offered through this app though. You can get hashtag and caption ideas. This could be really beneficial if you sometimes struggle to come up with something unique and different when posting your content.

You can keep on top of your analytics too, along with editing your images using their filters provided. It really seems to be an all-rounder for Instagram. It’s just a shame they haven’t added other social media accounts to the mix because this could do really well across all platforms. They claim to be the biggest Instagram scheduler app

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Plann offer social media scheduling for multiple platforms just like Buffer. If you need to post regularly to different social accounts you might find this is a suitable app for you. They pride themselves on some of the outlets they’ve been featured on, such as; Vogue, Cosmopolitan and BuzzFeed.

They don’t just allow you to schedule content. Along with this, there are options to maximise your social media potential. You can see information about the best times to post to your accounts depending on your followers and content type. It expands options for you as a creative by allowing you to see where you are possibly going wrong and if anything can be improved.

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Content Office

Another Instagram only smartphone app. It seems they’re quite popular, but then again Instagram is one of the social media accounts you’re likely to be posting more often from. Of course Twitter also is, but with Twitter, it doesn’t take as long to prepare a tweet as it does to edit a photo. You might only want Instagram to be scheduled anyway and if that’s the case then you’re all set.

Again there’s a blog on Content Office’s website, so if you want to learn more about creating a marketing strategy or finding the best ways to share your content, then this might be useful for you. It all depends on what you’re trying to get out of your scheduler. If you simply want something to plan posts ahead of time then maybe go for one without all the added frills (if that’s possible). That way, you’re probably going to get on with the interface a lot better.

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