Instagram stories – change your camera settings to make things more accessible

Swiping left brings up your Instagram story camera. This allows you to upload or record something to post for your followers to see. Typically, it’s a handy feature. Well, for those who are right-handed anyway. It seems a little trickier for anyone who’s left hand is their dominant one.

⛏ The toolbar is just out of reach

It’s something many people probably haven’t even thought about. I mean, why would you unless it’s an issue for you. We’re all just used to heading to the left-hand side to select our story options from the toolbar. The menu has things like create or the much loved boomerang feature. You can also upload photos and videos directly from your camera roll to share with your followers.

What if your left hand is the one you use to scroll through? If you’re right-handed, give it a go, try using your left and see how difficult it could be. I’d likely drop my phone several times during the process. It’s definitely fiddly. Or, you might be right-handed but struggle to reach that far across your phone. Let’s think of it from both sides for a moment. What about our friends out there with tiny hands? They might prefer having the toolbar closer to their scrolling thumb, right? Well the good news is, whether it’s for convenience or just because you want to give it a go and see which you prefer, you can do this.

Swipe to open your story camera > head to the settings toggle in the top right corner > switch the toolbar from left to right 🥳

🤳 Default your camera to front facing

If you’re all about the selfies or doing mini videos for your Instagram stories, it might be a pain when you open your camera, and it’s facing the wrong way. Of course, it’s easily turned around, but if you’re trying to catch something quickly, you might not want the extra job of having to change your camera before you start recording. Maybe you even use your stories typically to go live and you just want to ease of your camera being set up and ready to go.

I’ve got some good news. You can set your camera to default as front facing. No more flipping the camera around unless you really want to shoot something the other way. Now, you’re ready to go every time you swipe left to bring up your story camera. It’s really accessible, and you can change it any time you like. Meaning, if you decide you’d rather have things back as they word, simply just change it back.

Open your story camera > click the settings toggle in the top right corner > flick the default to front facing camera button on 🥳

That’s a wrap. Instagram stories just got a lot easier to customise to your preferences. Now, you’ll be able to snap away more freely without having to change things. Being able to customise your settings within your account is just one way Instagram have made things more user-friendly. The overall experience is improved when you start to be able to make alterations to how you view and use an app.

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