How to check your Instagram account status

Instagram has been known to block accounts with little to no warning. People have reported that their 20k accounts have been wiped with no trace and there’s nothing that can be done to get them back. While Instagram receives constant backlash from creative accounts, they have decided to listen. Sort of. They’ve decided to give people the opportunity to know when they might be breaching Instagram rules.

Instagram account status
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👮 Insta jail

Often content creators find themselves being blocked from posting content or interacting with anyone on their account. This isn’t usually for long, it can be a few days or a while longer. However, it isn’t a permanent thing. Typically, it will be because they have shown bot like behaviour. They might have liked a lot of content in bulk, followed or unfollowed too many accounts. There is usually a harmless reason, but Instagram do this to protect everyone on the platform.

It can sometimes seem very unfair and often your account will see a short block with no warning. Instagram might let you know you’re at risk if you continue to behave in a certain way, although most accounts will just suddenly find a pop-up message letting them know certain actions can’t be completed until a particular date. There’s nothing really that can be done, it’s just a waiting game until you’re out of Instagram jail. Contacting Instagram won’t really make a difference, by the time they return your message, your block should have been lifted. I guess it’s just to warn people to be more careful next time.

Why does it happen?

Usually it will happen if your account is relatively new. Newer accounts have smaller allowances. Until your account has either grown or been around for a while, you have a smaller limit to the amount of people you can follow or unfollow in a day. This is where a lot of people get caught out. It’s understandable that Instagram are cautious when an account is just starting out though.

Large accounts have seen their username completely wiped off the platform, however. With no prior warning and no chance to fix any issues. Many content creators have had to start new accounts from scratch, finding any way they can to let their previous followers know their account was deleted. If ever you’ve been on Instagram and seen things like “account deleted at 20k” within a bio. This is why. Perhaps Instagram have received enough of these complaints that they’re now trying to make the process a little fairer.

📱 Account status

Instagram have introduced a new feature where you can check on your account status. This lets you know if any of your previous posts have been removed. You’ll be informed as to why and what rules you may have broken. Along with this, you will have the option to appeal any of these decisions. This will mean Instagram have to investigate further and decide if your post really broke any rules or if it was perhaps unfairly flagged.

You will be able to see warnings here as to your account status. That way you can keep an eye on it to prevent your account from being removed without warning. It seems a much fairer option as people will be able to change their future posts and be more aware of the content they are posting onto the platform.

📌 PUSH Tip: Head to Settings>Account>Account Status

Account status review
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Hopefully this will put an end to the backlash Instagram have received. It should create more of a relationship with the platform and its users. After all, the social media platform can’t continue without support from creators and viewers. They rely on the creation of content within their app. That’s why it is vital they act upon concerns of their audience. It gives creators another chance instead of having their accounts removed with no idea of what they have done wrong. At least if a creator has received warnings, then the blocking will be fair.

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