PUSH.fm Halloween Campaign Round-up

Following on from our previous round-up, we’ve decided to make this one all about Spooky Season. If you follow our social media accounts, mainly Twitter, you’ll have seen multiple tweets referring to the best time of year. However, if you’re not following our Twitter, why not? Kidding, we just love all things Halloween, which is why we want to show off some campaigns based around Spook-tober.

Pumpkin man dancing

Below are 5 different artists that are currently using PUSH.fm features within their work. Here are some examples on how you can customise Pre-saves, Fan Links and Content Unlocks. These campaigns have been made recently which is why they are being featured in our weekly round-up. Stay tuned for more!


Artist: iitscia
Release: Special Halloween
Link: https://push.fm/link/r5ur3hz7

Check out this Fan Link created by the artist iitscia. It couldn’t be more Halloween if it tried! We’re obsessed. You can follow their link above and watch their YouTube video for this release.

VovchikO YT

Artist: VovchikO YT
Release: Spooky Night
Link: https://push.fm/link/vy-spookynight

Here’s one for the 31st October. It’s a Fan Link with multiple places you can find this release. Why not head over and add it to your Spooky playlist? If you notice on this link, they’ve also personalised the listen buttons. The one for YouTube shows you can subscribe to their channel.


Artist: AFranklin78000
Release: Halloween
Link: https://push.fm/link/brt4ugcb

Another Halloween track. There are multiple places you can listen to this one, so take your pick. We’re loving how the Fan Link artwork moves into the background. It’s really effective.

Dj Lewis Ochoa

Artist: Dj Lewis Ochoa
Release: Halloween
Link: https://push.fm/link/halloween

Here’s one by the same name as our previous edition. Dj Lewis Ochoa has made the most out of PUSH’s personalised URL feature. Now they’ll be the only one with a Halloween named Fan Link.


Artist: Samria
Release: Skeleton
Link: https://push.fm/link/skel

You can see in this Fan Link, they have included a link to their website. There is the option to add in logos or text, so they have customised this section to include the www. Again their URL has been personalised to match their release title.

These are just some spooky Fan Links we’ve seen this October. We thought we’d finish the scary month on a high of Halloween themed releases. We love showing recently created links from people using PUSH’s features. Soon it will all be Christmas themed, and we can’t wait. Our round-ups are here to show you different ways you can create and personal links through our site. Why not check out the ones included in this article and let us know what you think!

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