Apple Music on PS5 – is it a rumour or is it happening?

Streaming stores are always in competition with each other, so whatever one of them does, the others follow. Spotify have been on PS5 since their launch. So, is it time for Apple Music to join them or is that all wishful thinking? Are you team Xbox or PlayStation? Team Apple Music or team Spotify?

PS5 console

Since the launch of the PS5, Spotify has been available to stream on the console. It gives users the opportunity to stream as they play, offering them the best of both without having to use multiple devices. It seems the rumours came about from Reddit, where a user posted a photo of Apple Music with the option to download the app. However, following the option to download it presented them with an issue. It seems that currently it is only supported on the PS4.

Other people have said that the option is only visible when creating a US account, so perhaps with Apple being a US company, it will be launched there first. It has certainly piqued curiosity within people though. I mean, why wouldn’t they add this feature? Unless they’d partnered up with Spotify and were trying to encourage the use of a particular streaming platform. Which of course, isn’t the case. It seems highly likely that soon PS5 users will be able to access the music platform while playing on the console.

Previously both Sony and Apple have worked together on a promotion. PS5 users were able to get an Apple TV Plus deal. So, it’s not like they haven’t joined forces before. This suggests heavily that people have spotted something that’s in the works. Maybe it was something they shouldn’t have been able to see yet, but somehow it got leaked to certain users. There are still many PS5 users who haven’t seen Apple Music appear as an app, so it definitely isn’t ready to be released to everyone.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. If I could guess, I’d say we’ll find out before the end of the year. You know how companies like to keep things hush hush until the big reveal. However, this time, it looks like the secrets already out, so they might as well just tell us.

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