PUSH 101: Where to share your Fan Links

Fan Links, also known as smart links, were designed to be shared. Read on to discover just a handful of places you can share your new smart link with your fans.

PUSH fm Instagram

Fan Links are sharable landing pages that bundle up all of the links to your content, sites and pages in one place. Think of them as micro-websites; they can either be used as well as a website or, for creators early on in their career, instead of a website.

📸 Instagram

Because Instagram only allows one website or link in your bio, Fan Links are the perfect tool for bundling up multiple links into one URL. By placing your Fan Link in your bio, it means fans can easily navigate to your landing page; full of links to your content, other platforms and sites.

Despite Instagram not supporting clickable URLs in posts, you can still utilise your Fan Link in your bio by including “link in bio” at the end of your posts, so your fans know exactly where to go to find more of your content.

📔 Facebook

You can share your Fan Link in both your posts and your ‘about‘ section on Facebook.

A great way to utilize this is to have:

1. A Fan Link that acts as your ‘hub‘, and contains links to all of your socials, sites and pages; almost like a micro-website. This Fan Link can be used in your bio; where fans will naturally go looking for links to your socials and websites.

You can also update this Fan Link regularly, adding and removing any URLs you want without needing to make a whole new link.

2. Multiple other Fan Links, each for a specific product launch, release or themed content, which you can include in each Facebook post.

🎸 For example, if you’re a musician, each time you mention your new release make sure to include the URL of the Fan Link for that release.

🐦 Twitter

Because Twitter operates in a similar way to Facebook, you can utilise Fan Links in both your Twitter bio and in your posts.

Keep your Twitter followers up to date with your releases, fresh content, launches, news, events and more.

🗃 Business cards

You don’t have to just use Fan Links digitally. Because you can personalise your link’s URL, you can easily choose a short URL which you can print on physical business cards.

Get some business cards printed and hand them at your shows, events or when networking. What’s great is you’ll still collect valuable insights each time someone navigates to your Fan Link – perfect for getting an idea of how people interact with your content.

📧 Emails

If you’ve got a mailing list, you can include your Fan Links in your email signatures or depending on the content, as part of your email body.

Anyone who’s signed up to your mailing list will be receptive to your content and wanting the latest updates. Make sure to include your Fan Links in your emails and gain valuable insights whilst doing it.

📌 PUSH Tips: Put your Fan Link at the top of your email, with an action listed so fans know exactly what the link contains e.g. ‘listen here’ or ‘find tour dates here’.

📝 YouTube/SoundCloud descriptions

If you’ve uploaded content on YouTube or SoundCloud (if it’s a new release) give your audience a quick way of accessing more of your content. Be sure to include links to your socials and sites in your Fan Link; by not doing this you could potentially be losing valuable likes and follows.

For musicians, Fan Links mean your listeners can easily navigate to your whole release on streaming serviced. For content creators and brands, link your latest project, launch or news. And again, be sure to include links to your socials and sites too!

There are countless other ways you can use Fan Links to show off your content and brand best. What other ways can you think of using Fan Links? Let us know in the comments 👇

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