Test various thumbnails with YouTube’s new creator tools

YouTube are testing a new feature which will allow content creators to add multiple thumbnails. The top performing one will eventually be chosen. It’s a great idea for content creators to have.

Test various thumbnails with YouTube's new creator tools. Thumbnail option examples.

YouTube has rolled out a new feature called “Thumbnail Test & Compare.” Allowing creators to evaluate the performance of different video thumbnails. Initially launched for select creators last year, this tool is now available to all users.

With this feature, creators can test up to three thumbnails for each video. They are shown evenly to viewers. YouTube provides performance data, enabling creators to determine which thumbnail generates the most watch time. Thereby making an informed choice.

The Thumbnail Test & Compare tool is expected to be highly beneficial for creators, as choosing the most engaging thumbnail is crucial for attracting viewers in a competitive landscape. The testing period can range from a few days to two weeks.

This is depending on the number of impressions and the distinctiveness of the thumbnails. YouTube advises using thumbnails with notable differences, such as varied layouts, backgrounds, and text overlays, to ensure effective testing.

Choose your own YouTube thumbnail

If no clear winner emerges, the first thumbnail will be selected. Though, it can be manually changed. This feature can be used for various content types. Including regular videos, podcast episodes, archived livestreams, and public long-form content.

However, it is not available for private content or videos rated as mature or “Made for Kids.” Older videos might pose a challenge for conclusive results due to potentially lower impressions. Over the coming weeks, Thumbnail Test & Compare will be accessible.

Studio on desktop for all creators with advanced feature access, which requires phone and ID verification. YouTube is also developing support for mobile devices. In addition to this, YouTube has recently introduced various new tools for creators.

This is including an AI feature that highlights the best parts of a video and features for Shorts like AI-generated backgrounds and the ability to design unique effects. We’re interested to see how this tool develops overtime and if it becomes a big hit.

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