How verfication works on Instagram – getting your verification badge

Getting verified on Instagram is easier than you think. In fact, now, people can pay for their verification badge, which some says go against the idea of it. However, we’re not here to argue for or against, we’re just here to discuss how they work.

How verfication works on Instagram - getting your verification badge. Instagram verification bad

As Instagram has adapted, so have their verification processes. Previously, these badges would be given to those who could potentially have their identity replicated. Anyone of a certain level of fame would automatically be given a badge to prove their identity.

It was a case of, if you are someone who people might want to impersonate, with a large enough following, you could have a badge. Often, they would be seen as a sign of growth. If you were an Instagram influencer who had grown a platform, you’d want your badge.

These badges could be awarded when your followers hit a certain amount. They would show everyone you were the real deal. Celebrities would have them right away, but for other influencers, there was a great deal of pride when earning your badge.

Verified badges can still be awarded, but often now they are bought. Anyone can purchase a badge now, the same applies with X (formerly Twitter). They don’t mean as much as they did before because they are so accessible. But, it makes some feel great.

Meta allow people to subscribe to their verified service. They will give you a shiny badge showing you are who you say you are. Some argue accounts with less than 10,000 having one isn’t right. But, they’re just as entitled to one according to Meta.

Here’s Instagram’s different verification types:

  • Verified badges mean that an account has been verified based on their activity across our products and information or documents that they provide.
  • Meta Verified is a paid monthly subscription that comes with features, such as the verified badge, account support, impersonation protection and more.

Please note: This information came directly from Instagram. sign up for free GIF
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