Can a business see you have shared their Instagram post when your account is private?

If you’re entering a giveaway, or looking to share the post of a brand or business you like, you want them to see this, right? Yes, however, if your account is private, and they don’t follow you, they won’t see your share.

If your account is private, people who don’t follow you cannot see your content. It’s quite simply that straight forward. Only those who follow you can watch your stories. Unless you’ve put your Close Friends setting on your story, in which case only those on the list can view it.

When sharing something from a public account to your private account, nothing changes. Still, only those who follow you can see your story. So, if you’re sharing a giveaway, you need to be careful because it’s likely your submission/share won’t have counted.

To make it count, you will need to share to your story, and tag the account. This is the only way the business or brand will see your mention. Otherwise, they’ll see their shares go up, but they won’t be able to add you to a list of people who have shared the work.

So the basic rule is, if you’re sharing something to your story that you want the person to see, always tag them. It’s easy enough to do and will ensure the post reaches them. Even if your account is public, it still doesn’t harm to tag them as an extra measure.

That way, they can easily see a list of who has tagged them on their notifications. From there, they can create a fair account of who has entered their competition. If, of course, your aim is to enter one. It isn’t public knowledge as such that this is how it works.

Many think by sharing content, the person who owns the content will see it. However, as mentioned above, this isn’t how it works. Instagram aim to keep private accounts exactly that, and this means not sharing stories with anyone other than their followers. sign up for free GIF
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