Google platform Gemini are adding a Spotify feature

The Google owned platform Gemini previously added YouTube Music as an extension, and now they’re planning to add Spotify too. Gemini allows people to find music, and create playlists through an AI chatbot.

Previously Gemini, a Google owned AI chatbot, introduced YouTube Music as an extension. Now, it looks like they’re working on a way to add Spotify too. Soon, Gemini users could see a Spotify extension. Allowing them to access their music library through an AI chatbot.

This information technically hasn’t been released yet. It’s all been kept hush-hush. Well, it was until individuals at Android Authority came across the codename Robin, which refers to Gemini. They found the codename with mentions of music through Spotify.

It seems there’s a sign into Spotify option through Gemini, which kind of gave the game away. Despite this, there is no exact timeframe on when the collaboration as such will become available. The extension might be there, but it doesn’t mean it is live.

We’d predict it will be out some time this year, especially now the secret is out. We’d imagine Google are working on getting this set up as soon as they can now. However, there are no guarantees, especially with the platform not confirming the integration.

All it will mean is those who use the chatbot AI located within Gemini will be able to ask for music suggestions, and potentially create playlists. We aren’t yet sure exactly what the capabilities will be. This will only be revealed once Google announces the product.

For now, all we can do is speculate. Could it have options to find radios based on your music habits? Will it suggest new artists based upon what you have recently played? Will you be able to ask the AI for music ideas based on your personality? The list could be endless. sign up for free GIF
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