Creative photography challenges – boost your skills and have fun!

When it becomes difficult to find an avenue to explore, or you find yourself becoming bored with the repetition, try setting various challenges to boost your photography.

Photography is a fantastic way to capture moments, express yourself, and explore your creativity. But sometimes, it can be challenging to find new ideas or ways to improve your skills. That’s where creative photography challenges come in!

These challenges can inspire you to try new techniques, think outside the box, and have fun with your camera. If you’re not having fun, what’s the point in doing it? Let’s dive into what creative photography challenges are and explore some ideas to get you started.

What are creative photography challenges?

Creative photography challenges are tasks or prompts designed to push photographers to experiment with different techniques, subjects, or styles. They can be done individually or as part of a group and are a great way to keep your photography practice fresh and exciting.

Why try photography challenges?

Boost creativity

Challenges encourage you to look at the world differently and find unique ways to capture it.

Improve skills

By trying new techniques, you can improve your photography skills and learn more about your camera.

Stay motivated

Having a specific task to complete can keep you motivated and help you overcome creative blocks.

Fun and enjoyable

Photography challenges can be a lot of fun and provide a sense of accomplishment when you complete them.

Popular photography challenge ideas

365-day project

Take one photo every day for a year. This challenge is a great way to document your life and see your progress over time.

30-day challenge

Similar to the 365-day project but shorter. Each day has a different theme, such as “sunrise,” “reflection,” or “favourite food.”

Weekly themes

Focus on a specific theme each week. Themes can include anything from “black and white” to “motion” or “portraits.”

Photo a day

Capture one specific subject every day for a month. For example, take a picture of a flower, your pet, or your morning coffee each day.

Colour challenge

Choose a different colour for each day or week and take photos that highlight that colour.

Alphabet challenge

Take a photo of something that starts with each letter of the alphabet, from A to Z.

Scavenger hunt

Create a list of items or themes to find and photograph. This can be a fun activity to do with friends or family.


Focus on simplicity and clean compositions. Try to capture the essence of a subject with as few elements as possible.

Macro photography

Explore the tiny details of the world by taking close-up photos of small subjects like insects, flowers, or textures.

Night photography

Challenge yourself to capture the beauty of the night. Experiment with long exposures, star trails, or city lights.

Tips for success in photography challenges

Plan ahead

Take some time to think about your approach to each challenge. Planning can help you stay organized and make the most of your time.

Stay consistent

Try to stick with the challenge even if you miss a day or two. The key is to keep going and not give up.


Don’t be afraid to try new things. Experiment with different angles, lighting, and compositions.

Share your work

Share your photos on social media or photography forums. This can provide valuable feedback and encourage you to keep going.

Reflect on your progress

At the end of the challenge, take some time to review your photos and reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’ve improved.

Creative photography challenges are a fantastic way to boost your creativity, improve your skills, and have fun with your camera. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, these challenges can provide fresh inspiration and help you see the world in new ways. So grab your camera, pick a challenge, and start shooting! sign up for free GIF
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