Maestro – a new Amazon Music AI playlist generator to rival Spotify

That’s right, Spotify started something and Amazon Music followed. Amazon Music have now added an AI playlist generator. Allowing their users to create playlists with just commands and prompts.

Amazon Music recently introduced Maestro, an AI-powered playlist generator similar to Spotify’s. With Maestro, U.S. customers using iOS or Android devices can create playlists using voice commands or written prompts, including emojis.

Users can input activities, moods, or sounds as prompts, or choose from suggested prompts. Within seconds, Maestro generates a playlist based on the input. Although Amazon acknowledges that it might not always be perfect at first.

Similar to Spotify, Maestro includes safeguards to block offensive language and inappropriate prompts. The platform is currently in beta and available to a select group of free Amazon Music users, Prime members, and Unlimited subscribers on iOS and Android in the U.S.

Subscribers enjoy additional benefits such as instant listening and playlist saving. To access Maestro, users need the latest Amazon Music app version. They can then find Maestro on their home screen or when creating a new playlist. Users can input their prompts.

Also, they can save and share their playlists with friends. Some suggested playlist ideas from Amazon include emojis like “😭 and eating 🍝” or themes like “Make my 👶 a genius.” The company hasn’t specified when the beta will expand to more users, but it plans to do so.

There’s no estimate on when this will happen, or even if it actually will. Perhaps, the company is looking to use the beta as a test before launching it to everyone. Otherwise, they have no real time to stamp out any issues that users might run into along the way. sign up for free GIF

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