Design an Event Link to promote your upcoming flower show

There’s a unique kind of beauty with flower arranging. No two projects are the same, and despite using the same tools, no other florist’s work is quite like yours.

If you’re looking to host your own flower show, you’ll need to promote it. With any event, there’s no point putting it on if no one shows up. There’s a lot of cost that goes into events, especially when working with fresh flowers, and, a lot of time that is involved too. So, to get the most out of your show, you’ll need to get as many visitors as possible.

But, how do you go about this? Well, there’s the obvious way, of inviting all your friends. But, you need to reach further than that, and invite a wider audience. Word of mouth is great, but in the digital age where everyone is online, you need to reach people there too. They’re already online, so catch them while they browse. Make yourself known.

This can be done in many ways. Sharing images of your beautiful floral displays is one option. That’s why having an updated social media presence is vital. Allow people to see a sneak preview of what they can expect. However, another method, combines your social accounts with your event even further. It’s a marketing tool like no other.

Consider creating your floral show an Event Link. Within this link, you’ll include all URLs to your social media accounts. As well as this, you’ll include direct links to your website, and any ticket companies selling entrance to your show. People can therefore explore your social media to get an idea of what to expect before learning more about you and booking tickets.

You’ll have an all-in-one link. A one-stop-shop if you like. It’s highly likely you’ll get a much larger turn out because you have all the relevant marketing to make your show a success. Having just one URL to promote, instead of several, saves you a major job too. It means you can share all your content equally without having to split your time.

For those within the floral business, you’ll know how fierce the competition can be, so why not make every effort you can to sell your event over everyone else’s? An Event Link could do exactly that. It’s a marketing and promotional link like no other. Completely customisable, just like our example you can see above. Try creating your own today. They’re free! sign up for free GIF
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