Earn money each month by referring your friends to PUSH.fm

We’ve launched a refer a friend scheme, which allows PUSH users to earn money every month by encouraging their friends to sign up using their unique link. It’s that simple.

Earn money each month by referring your friends to PUSH.fm. Screenshot of the refer a friend scheme option.

If you’re a PUSH user, and you’re looking for a way to earn extra money each month, look no further. We’ve added a new feature which allows you to refer your friends to our platform. Each user will have their own unique code. By sending this to everyone you know, you could earn a good sum of money each month. If you’re in a creative community, why not!

How does PUSH.fm’s refer a friend scheme work?

To refer a friend, it’s easy. Once logged into their account, PUSH users can head to the top-right corner, where they will see their icon. Upon clicking there, a drop-down menu will appear. You’ll notice a new button which says Refer a Friend.

Clicking there will take you to your own referral page. You can access previous referral information, and any future referrals will be stored there too. On the man referral page, you will see a section for your unique link.

If you have never created a referral link through PUSH before, you will need to click Generate. This will then give you a unique URL to share with friends. You can copy this, or share it to your social media pages, depending on how you wish to promote it.

Earn money each month by referring your friends to PUSH.fm. Screen recording of referral process.

What does the referred friend have to do?

Once you have sent your friend the referral link, it’s up to them to either sign up, or log into their account. The friend being referred must subscribe to our Premium account. This is $5 per month and has extra features a normal PUSH account cannot access.

The referral will only be successful if your friend upgrades their PUSH account and uses your referral link. Once they click your link, they will be redirected to our website. If they already have an account, they will be prompted to log in and an upgrade option will display.

They must upgrade their account in order for you to earn money. If they don’t already have a PUSH account, when clicking on your link, they will be directed to PUSH. They will then need to sign up and create their own profile.

However, once their account has been created, they must return to your referral URL and re-click it. Otherwise, their upgrade won’t be linked to you. Each month that your referee has a Premium account, you will receive $1.

Please note, as with all our payments; you will not be able to withdraw your earnings until you reach the $50 threshold. Until this point, your earnings will sit in your payment pot on your profile. You can view this at any time. Once $50 has been earned, you can request a pay-out.

If your friend at any stage cancels their Premium account, you will stop receiving $1 payments from us. Should your friend wish to re-upgrade, they will need to use another friends’ upgrade link. They cannot use yours for a second time.

How much can you earn?

As mentioned previously, you will earn $1 for every friend who upgrades using your unique link. This means, providing they upgrade their account and keep it that way, you will continue to earn $1 each month per friend.

You will be able to request a pay-out every time you reach a minimum of $50. So, we would recommend using our other products such as Pay Links to earn extra money through our platform. Referral payments are essentially an easy top-up.

You could keep it ticking along in the background, and eventually you will have the $50. But, this will take a few years to achieve. So, we would recommend using the referral scheme alongside our other tools. Allowing you to earn in multiple ways.

So, if you haven’t already, head over to your PUSH.fm account and start referring your friends. It’s literally free money! What’s not to love? If you’re a creator, small business owner or musician, you’ll likely know lots of people within the industry.

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