ChatGPT hasn’t had an update since 2022

For those who rely on ChatGPT to write essays, or provide them with answers to their ever-burning questions, please ensure you fact-check everything. The popular AI tool hasn’t had an update in almost two years.

ChatGPT hasn't had an update since 2022. ChatGPT logo.

Many people from all industries have turned to ChatGPT since it first came about. It has an answer for everything. It can write in whichever style you dictate. When it was first introduced, professionals were arguing over how it should be used. While many were all for it being able to write about any topic, others thought people should tread carefully.

However, can ChatGPT still be held as a viable source of information? The platform hasn’t undergone updates, so it says, since January 2022. While it can gather resources from the information originally inputted, the platform can’t tell you about current events. It simply doesn’t have the knowledge.

ChatGPT cannot update you on current events

ChatGPT was designed to constantly evolve. Surely it should be taking on new information passed to it through users, and storing this for any similar conversations that may arise. However, you can’t ask it about trending topics throughout 2023, because it isn’t aware of them. It makes you wonder what information it is storing.

When asked about trending topics throughout the year, ChatGPT said, “As of my last update in January 2022, I don’t have real-time updates. I don’t have information on events or developments that occurred after that date. If there have been significant changes or new information since then, I wouldn’t be aware of them.”

You are reminded to fact-check

The platform does remind users to fact-check, however, by stating “Please verify any information I provide and check for more recent sources for the latest updates.” But, how many individuals will overlook this part and begin spreading false or outdated information? While it isn’t ChatGPT’s fault, neither is it the fault of the readers of this false data.

Of course, the blame would lie on those who aren’t checking the facts, but, often people turn to ChatGPT for a quick and easy answer to a question. So, can we really hold them accountable for not double-checking? We can, but, shouldn’t we also argue a huge platform should be regularly updated?

When asked, does the information you provide get updated? ChatGPT replied, “No, my information does not get updated in real-time. I don’t have the capability to access new information or updates beyond my last training cut-off in January 2022.” Perhaps it’s time for people to stop leaning on the website so much. sign up for free GIF
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