How does ChatGPT make money?

ChatGPT changed the AI game. Before that, not many used AI in their every day life. A platform so useful, but also… free? How? Where does the money come from?

Asking ChatGPT how it earns money

Creating ChatGPT would have cost a lot of money. It’s expensive work, the world of AI. Training an LLM (Large Language Model) to be as intelligent as ChatGPT is, and have the answers for almost every question it could be asked is extremely expensive. However, the free model, will remain free forever, but how can they afford this?

API business services

Just one of the ways that ChatGPT makes money is by providing API services to many businesses. These services come with a huge cost. Companies are able to integrate ChatGPT, and its language model into their products and services. By doing this, businesses can improve the overall customer satisfaction.

Premium subscriptions

ChatGPT offers a Premium subscription plan to both individuals and businesses which largely benefit those who require more advanced features that they aren’t able to get through the free version. These features include; access to train the language model, customisation over the language model’s output and access to larger language models.

Research and training

OpenAI are able to engage in collaborations with research and projects. These are for a variety of businesses. The technology behind them can be used to expand the resources of current projects. The datasets behind OpenAI can be used to train machines and other language models. This could overall boost the outside interest in ChatGPT too.

Partnerships and sponsorships

Generating a lot of revenue, sponsorships and partnerships are quite important to ChatGPT. After all, they’re essentially being paid, to do what they’re already doing. The platform might partner with another business and develop large language solutions for various uses. It also could post sponsored content on websites or social channels.

So, despite ChatGPT being free to many, it isn’t free to all. There are a lot of businesses who pay for the service. Allowing the OpenAI to expand its network, while earning enough money to put back into the business. Although we might not all see it, ChatGPT has a large income. It earns enough to keep thriving and expanding.

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