Pros and cons of businesses using ChatGPT

ChatGPT has a lot of benefits. It can answer the majority of questions you put to it. However, it doesn’t always give the information you’re looking for. There are areas it lacks, despite it overall being an excellent creation.

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ChatGPT is a brilliant AI tool which allows you to ask questions, set tasks and gain information which you can use to help grow your business. You can use the AI to write scripts, product descriptions and give you general pointers for articles. There are so many ways any business can use ChatGPT which save time and help growth.

However, it isn’t always a perfect tool to have. Like with anything, there are pros and cons. Some elements of ChatGPT either haven’t yet been completely figured out, or there are errors that occur which you need to try and avoid. With the AI, it’s important you don’t always take everything it says as fact. Instead, ensure you check any information provided.

Pros for using ChatGPT as a business

There are many ways you can use ChatGPT within your business plan. Most of which being positive uses. Here are a few pros of using it within your brand:

  • Staying efficient: Rather than spending hours creating a video script, or going back and forth on how to word your product description, you can allow ChatGPT to take the pressure off you. Take away the time consuming roles that don’t need your attention and allow the AI to solve them for you.
  • Money saver: Rather than having to hire an extra pair of hands to oversee your script writing, or help create ideas, you can use the mind of artificial intelligence. Reduce the need for relying on people, and rely on a system that will never take a day off.
  • Improve turnaround time: Rather than having an email thread that takes time to progress, you could solve the issues quickly by relying on ChatGPT to give you the responses. You no longer need to type out personalised responses, allow the AI to do this for you and see your customer satisfaction improve.
  • Ideas never run dry: As humans we all go through periods where the ideas just don’t flow as they did previously. Rather than wait around for the ideas to come flooding back, allow the AI to help relieve the pressure by creating ideas for you.
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Cons for using ChatGPT within your business

Despite ChatGPT being a powerful tool, it’s far from perfect. It doesn’t think the same way as a human would and this can lead to multiple flaws. A few cons being:

  • Content appears plagiarised: If you haven’t written an article, but you’re posting as though you have, this could come across as plagiarism. ChatGPT will take the credit for any article you share with it. If you’ve written an article yourself, but ask the AI who wrote it, ChatGPT will claim to have written it. Leaving businesses potentially in deep water.
  • No human emotion: While this is great in many ways, as it takes out any unwanted emotion from a situation, it also means there is no personal touch. It lacks the empathy and human connection that someone real would be able to add. This might be a negative for your business as customers want to feel valued.
  • Repetitive: It can be extremely repetitive. While it is programmed to give accurate results, often it can repeat the same advice or suggestions again and again. This makes it hard to continue getting fresh ideas on one topic.

To get the most out of ChatGPT for any business you need to be aware of what your intended use is. If you have marked out what you want to see from the platform and how much you’re going to rely on it, you might find you don’t run into any problems. However, if you rely on it too much and don’t double-check the results, you will experience issues.

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