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How content creators can use the breadth of tools to market their content and further their brand or business.

Why insurance is essential for freelance photographers

You can’t go out shooting for clients without insurance. For both yourself, and your equipment. If something happens to you, and you can’t work, how will you earn money? What if someone else is injured on your watch? Are you…

Tried and tested ways of securing photography clients

It can be difficult to find clients when there are so many other photographers out there also looking. However, we’ve put together some tips to hopefully make the process easier. 1. Build an online presence Create a stunning portfolio showcasing…

How to successfully use alt text within your images

How to successfully use alt text within your images

If you’re not using alt text within your images, then you’re stopping many people from accessing your work. Alt text makes images accessible for those who may not be able to see them, they can use text-to-speech to learn what…

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