Instagram are testing a templates feature within their reels – this would allow you to copy various formats

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Instagram are currently testing a templates option. This will become part of their reels feature. It will allow Instagram users to copy the same format as other videos, and hopefully they will be able to copy other people’s templates too. It’s likely this will make the creation process of reels quicker and easier. Users will be able to create good quality reels without having to spend hours perfecting them. This makes it easier on the user, but also, Instagram are now more likely to see growth within people using their video feature. The easier it is to use, the more people who will give it a go.

Templates is in Beta mode

Like all new features, this idea is currently in beta testing and is therefore only available to certain users. It’s thought to be similar to TikTok’s templates. This allows TikTok users to add their own photos into a preset format. It means when creators next come to put a video together they have everything they need ready to go and this is a game changer. Presets have been favoured by influencers for years. They often like to have all their images or videos looking the same way. With the same filters and contrasts. Rather than editing your content to look this way every time, allowing a template means you can go straight to this.

“We are always working on new ways to make reels simpler to create. We are testing the ability for you to make a reel using an existing template from another reel.”

A spokesperson from Meta

It’s been said that Instagram users have been requesting they catch up with TikTok, and it looks like they might be heading that way. Within Instagram Reels currently, everything has to be done by the creator. TikTok makes it really easy for users to perfectly line up their clips to the beat of the music. This is something people would like to see on Instagram. Hopefully with the new templates feature this will happen and Instagram will see growth from this. With TikTok being everyone’s favourite app at the moment, Instagram have been increasing their features and ensuring they stay in the competition. Let’s see how templates pans out.

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