PUSH 101: What content should you share in between releases?

If you’ve released one track, and you’re in the process of preparing for another, what content should you be posting? Of course, you want your tracks that’s live to have the limelight until your next one takes over, but these things take time, and you don’t want to run your music into the ground by only posting that.

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What if there’s a year-long gap between one track and the next? That’s a long time to have no other content to mix things up. We’re here to provide some ideas. You want to promote your music, of course you do, but if you only have one track to promote things become repetitive. That’s why it’s important to show other aspects of your character through your social media posts. Ensure you’re changing things up and making your accounts interesting. You want to still be drawing new people in even though you don’t have fresh new music to share. It shouldn’t matter, let people see what else you’re up to.

Go behind the scenes

It doesn’t have to be every time, but people will appreciate it. If you can interest your audience with things other than your music, you’ll find your accounts start to grow. That’s because people want to interact and learn more about you as a person. Have you ever enjoyed an artist’s music but not really liked them as a person? It’s the worst because you want to like the person behind the tracks.

Show more about yourself and your life by recording how day to day activities go. This could be completely music related if you wish. No one is suggesting you give away your best kept secrets, but a short video of you in the studio or editing your latest music could go a long way. It’s also a brilliant way of keeping people excited about your next music drop. They feel more involved in the process as they’ve seen it from start to finish.

Let people get to know you more and see how you operate. It will build up a sense of relationship between you and your followers. You might even find many of them have tips and tricks of their own that they’re then willing to share. Use these to better yourself and your own content. If you want to grow as an artist, you need to show you really care about the people backing you from the start. Otherwise you’re never going to gain the respect you’re after.

Promote other events in the meantime

It might be other projects you’re working on. Music might not be your only hobby or career. Perhaps you have something else you’ve been working hard preparing, why not share that with your followers? The more you share, the more interest you’ll gain, because you’ll find people flocking from all different backgrounds. It might be that your music style isn’t their normal preference, but once they’ve seen other things you’re interested in and they can relate to, they then try out your music as well.

Maybe there’s a cause you’re passionate about. Why not get other people behind it and tackle it together? This doesn’t need to be related to you as an artist, but just something you really care for. Perhaps you want to save wildlife? Talk about this. Use your platform as a place to discuss things that really matter. It in turn will show just how human you are. Showing your caring side will show people they’re doing the right thing by following you as you’re someone who has empathy. This will encourage them to stick around in between releases.

They’re good fillers and breaks away from music content. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by one release, and you can’t bring yourself to hype the next one just yet, then don’t. Take some time to focus on other things you care about, and you’ll soon see other people have the same opinions as you. Who knows, you could even strike up conversations and end up with other interests through your followers. It’s always who you know, rather than what you know, remember?

Start some collaborations

Use this break between releases to strengthen your relationships with other artists and brands. This could help grow your accounts massively before your music run up. You’ll learn from other artists or creatives within different industries, and it could spark some ideas for future content. This could be exactly what you need in between one release and another. It could be that you find another artist you then want to work on a track with and it just takes your music in a whole new direction.

Always be willing to share ideas and take them from other people. It’s difficult sometimes because you want your music to be completely that, yours. However, you can’t unfortunately know everything right from the start. You need to allow yourself to learn things from people who have been in this industry for a lot longer. Perhaps they’ll tell you some major things to avoid and not waste your time with, that would always be a bonus. Both you and the other people involved will expand through starting a collaboation.

There’s never a wrong time to start one. However, possibly the best time is when you have a gap in between one release and another you’re working on. You’ll have a little more free time, so you can put more energy into your collab. It could eventually take you to new places and open up doors you’d have never imagined. One person may know another, who knows someone else… You get where this is going. The music industry is like a domino effect, so get yourself involved with it.

These are just a few ideas of ways to kick your accounts on in the little downtime you might have. Remember to keep the momentum going or else you might start to lose people’s interest. People enjoy consistency so make sure that’s what you’re giving to them. Try to avoid doing the same thing on a regular basis as a filler because it might become boring. There’s always new things and ideas you can give a go. Jump on a trend and see where it takes you. Most importantly, have some fun with it before the chaos of music releasing comes back again.

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