Important songwriting tips and tricks

Do you write your own lyrics? What about the melody? You want your song to be memorable, but where do you start? We’ve looked into the best tips and tricks for writing a song. Hopefully we can make things easier for all those independent artists out there.

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Tips and tricks

Below are some things you should consider right from the start of the music creation process. You need to ensure you have everything covered if you want your songs to come to life and perform well. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail they say. They’re not wrong. All of these aspects need to be thought about carefully. You can’t focus on one and expect the rest to do well too. Make sure you consider every part of your track.

Consider your melody

It sounds obvious, but we don’t just mean think about it and quickly move on. No, if you want a song that performs well and is popular with the majority, then you need to really consider that melody. Think about how you want your music to be heard. What do you want people to feel when they listen to it? So many songs use just 3 or 4 chords. It’s pretty popular and the majority of songs use the same ones. These songs typically stick more and that’s because they become earworms. Melodies that move up or down half-step or whole step tend to perform better. Also, those with a few leaps up or down. Think about these points when you next write some music.

Use your chords

You need to explore multiple if not all chords. Don’t back yourself into a corner by limiting yourself. It will alter your sound. Try and include majors, minor, diminished etc. Ensure you’re getting the most out of your choices. Otherwise, it’s less likely to perform as well as other artist’s music. You want to create the most interesting sound possible.

Leave your instruments alone while trying to write

It’s tempting to sit down with your guitar or at your piano and start playing first. However, this shouldn’t be the first step. Sometimes it can work. It’s important to consider the genre you’re working towards to see which method is best. If you’re looking to write meaningful lyrics though, you need to take a step back from your equipment. Think about the melody outside the box. Consider what you want it to sounds like by humming or singing aloud. The rest should follow.

Use a riff

No matter what your instrument, consider composing a riff. This will carry your entire song. Many people, even those not from a music background can appreciate a strongly built riff within a track. They’re an incredibly powerful tool to use during the songwriting process. Consider where it will go and how it will be put together.

Your lyrics are important

Yes this might sound obvious, but seriously consider your lyrics. What do they mean to you? If you feel nothing when singing them then you’re not going to do the song justice. It’s not that your song needs to be slow and meaningful in all aspects, but the lyrics should make you feel a certain way. After all, you’re the one writing them, you’re not singing a song written by someone else. It’s an easy way to start by considering situations and life issues that you have experience with. This will help you relay that across to your audience who might be able to relate with these feelings themselves.

Make sure your song is one you can play live

People can now record their music from home. They don’t need huge studios and rented equipment any more. Instead, it’s all recorded on their Digital Audio Workstation. This is a reliable tool that means artists can edit and alter their own sound. However, make sure whatever it is you’re recording, can also be played live. If it’s EDM, ensure your decks are ready to go and can be transported. If it’s you singing, try not to edit it so much that it sounds nothing like the real you. Otherwise, people are less likely to hire you, because your music cannot be played live.

If you need any further advice on starting out in your music career, ask a fellow artist. They were you once so don’t be afraid to ask for some help. Also, PUSH are always here to support all artists, new and old. Our blog has plenty of information that will be really useful to you so make sure you check it out. Most importantly have fun with it. If you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing, then what’s the point in doing it?

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