The most essential apps for musicians

Think about how many apps there are out there. Millions. Which ones do you choose? How do you know which are worth your time or money? You don’t want to download them all to figure it out. No one has that much time on their hands, especially musicians. So, we’ve found a YouTube video that can show you what you need.

It’s important to note, these app reviews are by an Apple user. So, these will all be on IOS, however, if you do have an Android instead, there are typically equivalent versions available. First we go into apps that are the best for practising. Starting with Pro Metrononone. There are several tempo options within this app. You can play around with the beat and then delve into the more advanced features if you wish. It’s a great app to start from the most simple uses and build up. Once you’re comfortable with the standard features, it shouldn’t take long to adapt onto the rest.

Next up we have a tuner. Imagine that, a tuner built into your phone. We’ve really come a long way with technology. It means you no longer have to carry extra equipment around. Instead, your phone can hold everything. There are a few different options mentioned within this YouTube video, so as a musician it’s up to you which you decide on. You might try a few out and see what works best. He mentions so many apps within this video that it’s worth watching this a few times.

Ben who has created this video previously worked at Pandora. He knows what challenges musicians face, from the very start, right the way through their career. That’s why he has dedicated his channel into helping make things easier. Having apps reviewed in detail allows you to learn from people who are possibly more experienced. It means you don’t have to spend your time researching different apps and how they can help you.

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