Instagram introduces Reel responses for comments

Instagram has stepped up the game again. Now you can respond to comments on your Reels with further Reels. Perhaps someone has responded to your video asking you a question that you could clear up easier by filming a response. They act similarly to TikTok video replies.

Instagram Reel responses
Credit: Instagram

Instagram has just got even more interactive. Now, you can respond to a comment with a video. It makes things a bit more personal because instead of a written reply, you can make it unique to that individual. Imagine getting a response from someone on the platform who you really value. It could be a response to anything. Providing you have created a video as the original content, you will have the chance to respond with a video to your comments. It seems this isn’t an option on regular photos just yet. Mimicking their rivals over at TikTok, it is all about the video content.

For a long time TikTok users have been able to respond to comments with videos. So, perhaps you have a reoccurring comment popping up, people asking the same questions. Why not film a video responding to this. That way people will stop asking the same thing because they’ll see a clip answering what they want to know. With a comment response, it might be easier for your followers to miss, hence why you continually get the same things asked. You can pin comments, so you could always pin your reply to the repeated question. However, to make things more interactive, why not just record a response?

Of course, this option won’t be something everyone wants to add to their Instagram page. With it only being available to those who post video footage, it’s more likely they’ll use this feature. If you’re not keen on posting videos then you’re unlikely to post a Reel in the first place. Instagram are constantly looking into ways they can expand the creative options for their users. They’re aware the majority of their users are possibly creatives themselves, especially the ones who use the platform to post on a daily basis. It’s a great way of connecting with each other and by adding this new feature they expand this opportunity even further.

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