6 simple hacks for musicians – make music creation easier

Being a musician is hard work enough. It’s time-consuming and there’s always something new that crops up and throws a spanner in the works. You can make things much easier though. Find all the hacks you can and learn them like the back of your hand. We’ll get you started with a really easy to follow YouTube video.

In just 90 seconds you can learn hacks on how to solve all sorts of problems that a musician might face. The first issue he shows you how to resolve is attaching a strap to your guitar. Sometimes you might find yourself with all the tools, but they just don’t fit. In this video you can quickly learn how to solve this without needing to buy anything else. Being able to fix issues that arise with objects you have around your house will save you so much money. As a musician this is really important because creating music costs enough as it is. That’s why we want to help you keep the costs down.

Need to practise music but don’t want to disturb everyone around you? Perhaps you live in a house share or don’t want your neighbours complaining. Well then, watch this video to see how you can simply play at a lower volume. Who would have thought it would be so easy to make your music quieter? Again they’re products we all have lying around. In fact, I could grab these items in seconds because they’re all every day things. That’s what’s so great about this video because it isn’t a case of that show Art Attack where you always wanted to join in, but it involved going out on a scavenger hunt to find everything you’d need first. Remember that?

Maybe you’re the one living with a noisy housemate who is constantly practising their sounds? I mean, you want to support them, right? It’s hard enough being a musician starting out without adding people into the mix that put a dampener on things. So, you can support them without giving yourself a headache. Follow these tips and ask them nicely if they can turn things down a little. Oh, and maybe invest in some earplugs as suggested in the video…

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